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Friday, June 01, 2007

God Bless Sweet Caleb!!!

Sorry all for the delay again in updates. Usually I come on here on give updates with a very strong front. However, I have to admit the last few weeks have been very scary for Brian and I. It seems as soon as you get your hopes up that everything is getting better they walk in and tell you something else. However, we have good news. Caleb is off the ventilator and is breathing with the support of oxygen. The oxygen is a preventive measure as he was intibated for so long they didn't want to move him right to room air. However, they have found what they think is fungus in his lungs. Which Dr. Markert believes this is what brought Caleb into the ICU but did not show itself until later as fungus tends to do. However, they said the x-rays yesterday looked good. I haven't heard about today's x-ray yet. So they have started him on a different antifungal med as the older antifungul med can have side effects on the liver....which brings me to another development. Caleb's pancreatic, liver, and gallbladder levels have been elevated for the last two weeks. Caleb does have pancreatis right now however, those enzymes are decreasing so we are hoping that is starting to 'fix itself'. As far as the liver enzymes that is a different story. They continue to rise and they are not sure why. They finally considered him stable enough to send him down for a liver biopsy yesterday so we can hopefully find out what is going on with his liver. We are hoping that, if anything, the levels are up due to a medication or his IV nutrition he has been getting. The ICU docs are concerned that if his levels continue to rise at this rate he will end up in liver failure. They are hoping that we will get the results sometimes this afternoon. Caleb is also going severe withdrawal right now as he was on several different sedation drugs while he was intibated and since he was intibated a very long time and his liver is not filtering as well as it should he is having a very hard time coming off the drugs. He has been running fevers off and on and he had really not slept in 48 hours until this morning. He is now sleeping off and on which is great as it is very hard to see him so uncomfortable. In addition, they have begun fitting his feet, legs, and hands for splints to help him regain the support he needs in those areas as you tend to lose muscle control if you are under sedation for a long period of time. In addition, his eyes have been acting kind've funny and we are not sure if it is sedation/withdrawal related or something neurological so we are getting a test done today to check on his brain activity and then a CT scan will be done later when the withdrawal gets better to check his brain more thoroughly. We thank everyone for your prayers and I promise as I get updates I will post quicker. This is truly an emotional roller coaster and very scary and I am sorry again for the delay in the update.
God Bless Caleb.
Also the address is the same as before just put PICU instead of the room number.
**On a side note I have just found out one of our little CHARGEr friends needs prayers he is in the ICU after having his much needed heart surgery. Please visit Tate's website, link is posted up at the left. Also, please say prayers for our buddy Mighy Max as he is having some respiratory issues. God Bless you all we are praying for you.


Anonymous said...

I love you all so much...I am praying for you all each day...keep up your fight Caleb...you're so strong buddy...we love you!!!

Becky said...

Hi Caleb, Sarah and Brian,
Thank you for the update- I know you have more important things to attend to, and the updates are so much appreciated. I never quit praying for you guys! As they say, there is strength in numbers, and I have everyone I know praying along with me.
Take care and GOD BLESS! Love, Becky

Eva Nichole said...

Keep being the awsome fighter you are sweet Caleb!! We are always thinking about you and praying. God Bless!!
Crystal and Eva

Chris said...

No need to apologize for update delays when you have so much going on. I am glad to hear that there are some positive things happening but know you are still dealing with so much.

All my prayers and love to all of you guys!!!

Chris XOXO

Anonymous said...

Gram Byrum
Caleb is a strong little boy. I watch him every day as he listens to his mom and dad gently whisper into his ear, keep fighting..we are very proud of you. Please keep the three of them in your prayers.

CorrieYoung said...

Go Caleb Go!! We are SO happy to hear you're off the vent. It's so much better for us mommy's when you don't have that tube in your throat and can be awake!! Holding you little guys is very important to us:).
We'll be praying for your other levels to go down, but we just know that you'll lick that too!!

I'm so sorry your going through w/ drawl. I've been through that w/ both Peyton and Tate and it's no fun at all. Are they doing a wean down for you? Both our guys benefited greatly from some Ativan, then weaning it down.

Thank you for keeping Tate in your prayers. He decided to be a good boy this time around and not pull any tricks on us. We're so thankful for that.

We pray for you all the time and we offered up our bad night in the CICU after Tate's surgery for you and your healing.

We're waiting for the day when we can post pics of you and Tate walking together so cute just like Evan and Max!

Keep fighting buddy!

The Young Family