Ephesians 3:20 "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweet Saba

Our sweet dog, Saba, passed away early this morning here at home. She had been having problems the past few months but did not seem to be in pain until lastnight as she was not able to walk really well at all. We were going to take her to the vet this morning to put her down, but Saba as courageous as she always was, decided to do it on her own terms. We found her early this morning in our hallway. Saba was our first child. She was an amazing dog, very loyal and wonderful and protective of the family. We loved her very much. We will miss you so much Saba we love you. Rest in peace Saba dog! We love you pretty girl!

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor.
Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent.
His eager body quivers.
Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green
grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

See at Rainbow Bridge someday Saba dog. Thank you for being such a wonderful dog. I love you!

God Bless Saba!!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A lot Going on and A family in Need UPDATED

Hello all, well I did have some updates but I think I really need to tell you about a local family in need. I went to school with the father of this family and he is a wonderful man and his family really needs our help. I know all of you that read this blog are wonderful people so please spread the word about the loss this family has suffered.
Jason Koegler and his family (wife Sarah and two sons Will and Campbell) house burned down lastnight and they lost pretty much everything including their Christmas gifts. A website has been set up where they are collecting clothes and toys for the family. I am not sure on the sizes for the parents but I do know the boys wear 4T and 5T and size 12 and 10 shoes. Here is the website were they will be adding more info. But I do know that like some of you, if you live far away they are accepting monetary gifts too. Please visit this website and help this family.
God Bless the Koegler Family!!
So the family needs gift cards more than anything. Places like Old Navy, Target, and Walmart. Please follow this link to send gift cards. http://koeglerfund.com/

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Still Waiting

Well we are still waiting on a decision to our appeal for Caleb's social security disability payments. I have called several times, and they do not have any updates regarding the decision.

Caleb continues to do well in school and with his therapists. He is talking and walking more. I am hoping he continues to improve in both areas! If we could really get him talking OR signing more that would be great. I have been really urging him to talk or sign more and he is picking it up very quickly, and sometimes uses signs or words on his own without prompting. He has also started back to his outpatient therapy as well and his therapists have noticed a difference in him since his start of school. They think he seems like a different kiddo, music to my ears that they think he is growing socially.

He is going to need another surgery, I think this around surgery number thirty something. The hole left from his g-tube did not heal so he is going to require surgery to close it. Caleb has always had the hardest time recovering from stomach surgeries, he even recovered from his open heart better than when his t-tube was placed. I am really hoping that this surgery recovery is not hard on him. I am so nervous about another surgery. I don't understand, now looking back on it, how we mentally handled Caleb have so many surgeries close together. He is so tough and I am so proud of him. We have also found out that his tear duct in his right eye is blocked and will need a stint placed surgically after the duct is blown out. After three months they will remove the stint in the office, YIKES. So the surgeons have been so wonderful to agree to share the OR to get these to surgeries done under one GA (general anesthesia) exposure. Thank goodness, he has had so many surgeries (somewhere in the thirties) that one less exposure to general anesthesia is good!

Caleb is really beginning to try to interact with his sister, Camryn. He shows her his toys and I even got him to give her a kiss. We have been blessed with two wonderful children.

I also have to say how proud of my husband, Brian, I am. He has worked hard at AT&T for the last couple years and recently interviewed for a sales position with Lamar and was hired. We are so proud of you Brian! Congratulations.

Also, a special prayer for a friend of ours who passed away three years ago from Leukemia. Samantha Welch was a strong and beautiful 17 year old that fought so hard. We met her and her mother while we were at Duke Hospital for Caleb's transplant. We became very close with the both of them. Samantha always drew pictures for Caleb that we hung all over his room, and when she would do her 'laps' around the floor. Should would always knock on the door and talk through the glass door to Caybay as she couldn't come into his room because of his isolation issues. We visited her room often though and became very close with her and her momma Faith. We all believe Sam is one of Caleb's guardian angels. Sam we love you and miss you so very much. Faith we think of you often and miss you too! God Bless you Sam and Faith!

Thank you all for stopping by and checking in on us!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!