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Monday, June 04, 2007

Our Little Bubber

Well the critical care team has decided to put the gall bladder removal on hold so we are happy for those results, that is.... as long as his enzymes stay within normal range.
We had some concerns today as Caleb is a liter positive on fluid at least it is not almost 5 liters positive like he was before. So what is causing the overload....not sure...could be an infection (yet his white count is stable for now), could be his heart (but his echo looks to be like his last one before he got real sick), or it could be the lack of nutrition as he has been off of intravenous nutrition and not getting a high dose of oral feeds through his ND (duodenum) tube. They are providing him diuretics to see if he will urinate. They tried lasixs and it didn't work so they are trying two different meds so hopefully that will work. The last thing we need is additional fluid to get into his lungs along with the fungus that is in there. So we are praying he can get rid of this extra fluid.
We would also like to thank Jeff Petzack for getting Brian a flight down here this weekend. Thanks so much Jeff we appreciate it so much.!!!!
In addition, we have met two other families in the PICU whose children could also use prayers Madeline Lynch and Parker Ramsey. God Bless them and there families.
In addition, I have just found out that our hotel has Internet access so I definitely will be able to update more often. I miss posting notes on our CHARGEr friends websites too so I am going to try to get back up to speed with that also.
We miss everyone very much. Thank you for the continual prayers for Caleb and our family.
God Bless Caleb!!


Chris said...

Glad to hear there's no immediate need for the gall bladder surgery. Hope the fluids right themselves quickly!! Love to all, Chris

Eva Nichole said...

Glad to hear some more good news, I continue to pray he keeps going in the right direction and is soon getting better so he can get all he needed to begin with.
I know its so scarey to be at the hospital with your little one when he is so sick.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and I am so glad daddy got to be with Caleb this weekend.
Crystal and Eva

Miss N Cedie said...

Spironalactone HCTZ worked well for Cedie. Too much lasics always messed up her kidneys. Just a thought. Glad he is doing better.


Jennifer Mock & Fmaily

Tracy said...

Wonderful news! Love and prayers to you all.
Robbie, Drew & O

CorrieYoung said...

So good to hear more good news! Hopefully Caleb's peeing by now. Ditto what Jennifer said...Tate's on that drug and lasix now. He will never pee when he's in the PICU. I guess who can blame them?

Keep it up Caleb!!!!!

Love from MO,