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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cautiously Optimistic

Well all....again I first want to say thank you so much for the thoughtful comments, calls, emails, and prayers.

Caleb is still in the ICU on the oscillator. He was making baby steps in the right direction, however, he spiked a fever on Sunday during the day and by late night and early Morning Monday the setting were turned back up to the maximum on the oscillator. They have been drawing blood gases to check his ph and carbon dioxide levels and have been able to turn down the settings on his oscillator. He is again making baby steps in the right direction 'knock on wood' (we have been doing a lot of that). We hope that his blood gases will continue to be good. Many of the docs here have been calling him the fighter. If all goes well through tonight they are hoping to switch him over to the conventional ventilator and hopefully get him off the oscillator. However, as we have joked with the doctors we will do this on Caleb's watch!!! He will let us know when he is ready to be switched over to the conventional ventilator.

This has been a very stressful and scary couple of days and we really appreciate everyones' thoughts and comments it is a nice way for us to keep in touch with everyone and know that you are here with us. I want to apologize for the delay in the update but as I am sure you understand we have been very busy and preoccupied. One of our wonderful CHARGEr friends and her family made a video for Caleb and our family and I wanted to post it today. Thanks Crystal and Eva for such a wonderful video. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Please continue to keep Caleb in your prayers and that he continues to make baby steps in the right direction. God Bless Caleb!!!


Anonymous said...

Gram Byrum
What a wonderful video Crystal and Eva. You have really captured the little fighter. It is so easy to fall in love with this little guy and see what a fantastic threesome his parents and he make. Please keep all three of them in your prayers. God bless!

Aunt Jen said...

God Bless you Caleb. We love you and miss you so much!!! We believe in you and are so amazed by your strength and grace! We know you learned that from your parents!! God Bless you all. We love you and keep you in our thoughts and prayers always. Keep up the good fight Bubber ("The Fighter")!!!!

Love and Kisses-
Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh

Chris said...

Jess and I watched that video last week a few days before the wedding and both wept with joy!! Caleb is surely a fighter and has just a strong group of family and friends pulling for him...and for all of you. You are never out of my thoughts and prayers. We so loved having Ben and Stacy there to represent all of you - and we clearly knew the rest of you were there in spirit!! Hang in there and feel the hugs coming your way!!

Much love-

Eva Nichole said...

You are so welcome for the video, I feel all the CHARGE families are part of our family. I think and pray about and for Caleb EVERYDAY!!
He is such a sweetheart and will always be in my heart.
Crystal and Eva

CorrieYoung said...

Oh it is so good to hear that Caleb is fighting so hard. Keep it up Caleb!!! You take it easy on your mommy and daddy!!!

We are praying so much for Caleb and all of you. Thank you for taking a moment to update us avid Caleb fans. Now we know exactly what to pray for.

We'll be praying for him to make this transition smoothly to the regular vent. Love you all and we're sending lots of cyber hugs to you...


Anonymous said...

Even though I wasn't Caleb's nurse so much toward the end of his stay at Children's, I can't help but miss you all a little bit more each day. We are all hoping and praying that Caleb will get strong enough to come off of the vent, get his transplant, and one day return to us at CHP. Sarah and Brian, hang in there...Caleb is a fighter. He had fought through a lot of things before and he will do it again. Grandma, keep being that wonderful support system you are...especially for Sarah. You guys are truly blessed to have each other and to be fighting for such a wonderfull little boy. Miss you.

Amanda R.

ellen said...

allways think of u

Eva Nichole said...

Just checking in on the little man and wanted you to know we are thinking and praying for him.
Crystal and Eva

Maxwell and Amy said...

We love you sweet Caleb. I know this is a tough fight you are in...but you are pretty darn amazing and have shown incredible strength your entire life!

Thinking of you Sarah and Brian and know how horribly scary this is right now. Brings back such vivid memories and emotions...you almost have to feel numb, don't you?

Keep us posted when you have a moment...

Love, Amy and Max

Eva Nichole said...

Just checking in and still praying for you sweetheart!
Crystal and Eva

Jess Bowers said...

Hey Hlebiczki's!

Got home this morning from our honeymoon, and came right to the site to check on my lil buddy...I'm so glad to see some positive baby steps! :)

As always, all of you are in my thoughts and prayers...love you guys!!!!!!

Jess :)

Anonymous said...

hey sarah
just checking in on caleb and you.
your all in my prayers and everyday thoughts. i just watched the video it was truely beautiful.
i'll be praying .
love alana

Chris said...

Hey gouys-
Just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers. I was delighted to see on Sunday that Caleb is on the prayer list at the Presby church in West Alexander!!
Much love to all of you-
Chris XOXO

Maxwell and Amy said...

I am very worried with no new updates. Oh Sarah, I wish I could be with you (even though we have yet to even meet!) to help in any way. We are all thinking about you and sending you lots of prayers...

Love, Amy and Max

Chris said...

Love and prayers coming your way ten-fold!!

Much love-

Eva Nichole said...

I hope things are still moving forward, I check everyday to see how he is doing.
Thoughts and prayers,
Crystal and Eva