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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bubber's Heart

Hey all----well he is continuing to make baby steps in the right direction...hopefully he keeps it up.

They removed his drainage tube and his femoral arterial line. There was one level yesterday that was a little concerning but it has been staying down for now. In addition, his pancreatic and liver enzymes oddly enough are within normal range for now too. We are not sure if the enzymes were lowered due to being on the bypass machine or if was due to his feeds, which they started back up very early this morning. So maybe we will see if the feeds effect his enzymes.

He looks good. He wouldn't urinate yesterday for them but they gave him a diuretic and that helped a bunch. He hasn't necessitated any pain meds since yesterday afternoon----tough kiddo. His lungs sound pretty good! We are CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC.

One of the Allergy and Immunology docs took some pictures for us before Caleb was taken to surgery and we have taken some post op ones also so I will post those later this evening.

If all goes well within the next week, they are going to start screening for Thymus Tissue. BUT as Brian and I say it is minute by minute and don't let you highs get to high and your lows get to low.

Again, we cannot thank you all for the prayers and support you all have offered to us. You have all lifted us up so much we appreciate it very much. Thank you and please keep praying for a complete and healthy recovery for Bubber.

God Bless.

God Bless Caleb!!


CorrieYoung said...

We're so glad to hear about things going well for sweet little Bubber. Mike and I have a similar saying, "don't make too much of the good or too much of the bad"(sometimes I felt like I was numb w/ an ever present "pit" in my stomach) but I can tell you from an outsider's perspective, it sounds wonderful the way things are going!

Don't worry, we're keeping sweet Caleb always close(and you two as well) in prayer.

Thanks for the updates.

God Bless,

chris said...

Baby steps are wonderful!! Glad to hear more good news!!

Chris XOXO

Eva Nichole said...

Continue with those baby steps Caleb that is all we could ask for. We are always thinking about you (as I always tell you) keep working sweetheart.
Love and god bless,
Crystal and Eva

Jen Straub said...

Go Bubber, Go!!! So strong and so amazing, but what else would I expect!! God Bless you all. I can't wait to see more pictures of your beautiful son!! God Bless!! One day at a time...

Love you all and Kisses to Bubber!!

Aunt Jen

Becky said...

So happy to hear good news of his progress. What a trooper you have there!! We're continuing to pray and keeping you guys close in thoughts.
love, Becky and Bobby

Jess Tuschong said...

Keep it up Bubber! You're doing GREAT!!

I love you!!!

Aunt Jess

CHP Immunology said...

Hi Hlebiczki family!

Just wanted to let you know that everyone at Children's in Pittsburgh is rooting for Caleb! You are in our thoughts daily. Glad to hear he's doing well after surgery.

-Monica Ghoshhajra
(Immunology fellow)

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!! I just got another update from Jen and looks like things are moving forward well! I am so happy all is giong well...You guys are so strong and I know Caleb senses that!! Keep up the fight and can't wait for more good news!!!
Love Jenny, Darin and Keira