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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sedated Echo

Well the peripheral blood culture and the culture from the other central line did not grow anything so far. So far so good (knock on wood).

They were able to identify the bug that grew in the cultures and the good news is they say that this type of bug responds to a broad spectrum of antibiotics. So they have switched Caleb's antibiotics to those that are less harsh on the system. In addition, they are going to do a sedated Echocardiogram tomorrow to check Caleb's heart and the ASD. They will check the ASD patch for vegetation to see if the bacteria has gotten to his heart. They are telling us that this type of bacteria is not as concerning as a fungal infection because of what type of bug it is. They say if they do find vegetation they will put Caleb on a longer course of antibiotics to treat the bacteria. I am just praying that there is no vegetation of course.

Dr. Markert should be back from vacation tomorrow, so we are hoping the Thymus Tissue screening process will start and HOPEFULLY they can find Caleb a Thymus and that it will work to spark an immune system for him.

Caleb's heart rate is still pretty low. I am hoping Cardiology will stop by tomorrow so I can get their input on what is going on.

Well all...I will let you know what happens with the Echo. Take care and God Bless.

God Bless Caleb!!


Eva Nichole said...

I hope it all shows some good news for you and Caleb. Give Caleb a big hug and kiss from Eva.
God Bless,
Crystal and Eva

Kristin said...

Hope all is well and you keeping getting nothing but good news. I will be back on Tuesday so if I don't have you guys, then I will definitely come by and see you(yeah!!!).

Becky said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm sorry I missed your post yesterday, but you can be assured, our prayers are always for Caleb every night. Thank you for the update today. We will keep our fingers crossed all improves. It's hard to believe a year has passed already...but what a strong, brave little man you have!!It's good to hear the Dr. will be back tomorrow--hopefully the transplant will be soon.
Thanks, again, for keeping us up-to-date.
all our love and prayers,
Becky and Bobby D.

Jen Straub said...

God Bless Caleb!! We will keep praying for good test results!! We love you all!! Kisses to Bubber!!
Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, & Haleigh

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Bubber...you're doing great!

Graig & I are praying for you every day.

I love you!!

God Bless & Lotsa Love,
Aunt Jess