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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

He Ate Food Today

Caleb wasn't allowed to eat anything earlier today as he was having some awkward hives. They think they have found the culprit, one of his antibiotics he is on for his line infection, we aren't exactly sure yet. We will have to wait and see if any more develop since they switched his meds. We finally got to try some food this evening. He had a couple bites of bananas and liked it!!! He also had some thickened formula - which he didn't like, not to pleasing to the palate. He then threw up three times after the feed. We are not exactly sure why he is throwing up, but he has been having more phloem issues too. So the phloem along withm his cleft lip and palate may be causing the food to move up into the open palate and into the nose. Most kids have their cleft lip repaired by this time and the docs would start thinking about the palate surgery around this time, 12-18 months. This is somewhat concerning, as if the palate is not repaired around this time, when they start to talk, a speech impediment can develop. But, one step at a time. We have to get his immune system better first.

Caleb did have many stools lastnight which made him drop some very important levels, which they are trying to regulate now with different types of fluids. They have been changing the fluids all day and they just did another blood test to see if that is helping. Mainly his bi-carb, PH, and electrolytes are very abnormal. We are hoping that these fluids will help. I also noticed that they used apple juice during the swallow study yesterday so that may have contributed to the extra stools; in addition to his problems with the immunosuppression. I will talk to the docs about that tomorrow also.

They did put the halter monitor on Caleb yesterday and lastnight and he did not brady (drop his heart rate) while wearing the monitor. So we will have to see what they can decipher from the monitor and see if they want him to wear it again.

We are very excited!!! Tomorrow is Caleb's 1st birthday!!! So exciting. We have bought decorations and I went and ordered his cake today-Winnie the Pooh. I can't wait to decorate so I may do it tonight so it will be ready when he wakes up!!! Brian is flying in tomorrow too!!! And Pap Pap Bernie comes on Friday so Mom, Caleb, and I are very excited to see them both. God bless both Brian and my dad during their travel here.

Again, I will take many pics (trust me) of Caleb's birthday!!!

God Bless everyone.

God Bless Caleb!!


chris said...

I can't wait to see the b-day pics - how exciting!! Glad to hear he like the bananas (I'm not a fan of them but know they are good for you!!)

Much love-
Chris XOXO

skeybunny said...

Happy 1st Bday Caleb!

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

CorrieYoung said...

Hope you have a super fun day tomorrow Caleb! You're getting so big!! Wow! Where does a year go huh?

Tate's with you on the teething though nothing's cropped up yet. Enjoy your time with your daddy and grandpa.


The Young Family

Sarah said...
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Anonymous said...

Gram and Pappy Byrum wish Caleb a very Happy and Healthy 1st birthday. We can not believe how fast this first year has passed. Of course our prayers are for a new thymus and a healthy future.
I must tell everyone that Dr. Markert said today that Caleb is truly a miracle and a testimony to his mother's care. God bless Caleb, Sarah, and Brian.

chris said...

Happy birthday Caleb!! I loved watching you play with your toys!! Have a special day!!
Chris XOXO

Jen Straub said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!!!! I remember this day last year like it was yesterday! It was in the afternooon when I started shopping and pacing, waiting for "the call", but when it didn't come (cause it went to someone else by mistake)...you know me...I went anyway! He was so small and so precious!! You were so loopy!! Love those labor drugs after your surgery!! This year, although filled with challenges, has been such a blessing now that we have Caleb's bright and shining spirit in our world!!

I believe what Dr. Markert said! I do believe that the phenomenal progress Caleb has made is because of the love and care that he gets from his family. The way Sarah is by his side almost constantly, and the way that Brian is sacrificing being away from them so he can take care of the responsibilities at home, and the way the rest of his family has sacrificed to be there to support Sarah and Brian along the way so that they are able to care for their son the way they have! You all are such a testiment to what family should be!!

God Bless you all on this special day!! We love you all so much! Kisses for Bubber and a big and annoying song of Happy Birthday please!! You know that is what I do (ok maybe I am like my mom just a little). Happy Birtday Caleb!!!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great day and get lots of great stuff! A little something is on the way for you from us!!
Can't wait to see the pictures of your room!! I'm sure your mom will do it up!! :)
Much Love - Jenny, Darin and Keira O'Dell

Eva Nichole said...

Have super fun day on your birthday tomorrow Caleb, you are such a wonderful little guy and you deserve everything you get!!
Crystal and Eva
PS have a taste of cake for Eva!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!! You are a miracle and I love you very much!!

Have a wonderful day and kiss your Mommy, Daddy, Gram, & Pappy for me!!!! :)

Aunt Jess

Becky said...

What a great day! So happy for you Sarah that you'll all be together this weekend--ENJOY!!
Love and prayers,
Becky and Bobby D.
ps. Thank you for the video-he is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey little nephew! I just wanted to tell you Happy 1st B-day! We all love and miss all of you so much! Hunter loves looking at the pics of Caleb. We pray for all of you everyday and think about you all the time. I'm so glad that Brian and Dad could make the trip. We will be thinking of all of you tom. on Caleb's special day. I know your room will look fab Caleb! your mommy has that special touch! God bless all of you and we love you all very much! Love Aunt Stacy, Uncle Ben, & Hunter!

lbug3000 said...

happy birthday caleb!!!! we know it will be amazing!!! we all sent you a little prize to help keep those little hands busy. we know this next year will bring lots of little teeth(piper's with you there) and lots more yummy food(lela and charlie add that bananas are an excellent beginning and piper is hoping you get to try her favorite soon.....spinach, this is much to lela and charies dismay). have a great one!!!
christie, brian, lela, charlie and piper

Anonymous said...

Hello from the 9th floor at CHP!

Yay Caleb you are one!!

We thought about you all day yesterday and hope you had a great birthday. We're very glad your dad and pap pap got to come celebrate with you too!

Tell your mommy and daddy to give you hugs from us :)


Sarah, Ermantine and Amanda G