Ephesians 3:20 "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Surgery

Caleb had yet another surgery today! He had to get an inguinal hernia repaired as they were concerned that it was cutting off part of his bowel. They were also concerned about his shunt catheter as previous x-rays had showed that the catheter had slipped into the opening of the hernia and was draining the spinal fluid way too low. Good news, by the time they got him to surgery the catheter had moved back into his belly so they did not have to manipulate the catheter, which is great as any time you touch any part of the shunt an infection could arise. Another concern was extabation (if the ventilator would be removed) as Caleb does have CHARGE and a lot of CHARGEr kiddos have problems with their lungs especially with anesthesia. BUT Caleb did great the tube is out and he is now recovering in the room. Again, we have to pray that he stays infection free of course as he doesn't have an immune system. Which brings me to another topic....we have a potential Thymus donor at this time. All we know is that a heart surgery was occurring today (which means a Thymus will be discarded) and Dr. Markert and her team were going to talk to the parents to see if they would consider donating a Thymus. If they do that is great!!! Then, of course, the Thymus would have to go through the testing process along with a screening process of the donor's family. So we are hoping that the family will donate the Thymus and that it is a good clean Thymus too!!! Keep praying!
Again, I can't thank everyone enough for all of Caleb's birthday gifts. They are still coming. You all have made his birthday so unbelievably memorable. It was tough to be away from all of our family and friends for his first birthday. But the support system you all have provided us has TRULY helped us through this time. [Okay..now I am crying] Everybody always comments at how strong we are as a family, but honestly you all are a big part of our strength. You all have prayed with us, sent emails and cards, and have been there when we have asked for anything.

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!
—Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Thank you all for lifting us up and being there for us. We wish we could repay you all in some way for what you have done for our family. Thank you so much. God Bless you all.

God Bless Caleb!!


Jess Tuschong said...

As always, Aunt Jen was timely with her updates and so I was praying for Bubber all afternoon. I'm very glad to hear that the surgery went well. He just continues to amaze everyone with his strength and healing abilities.

You're not allowed to say you're crying in any more posts, because that instantly caused tears to start falling down my cheeks!!! I love you very much Sarah...along with your entire family...I do truly feel that we are all one big family and you are my sister. I am always here for you and am keeping your gorgeous son and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers every day.

Stay strong Bubber and keep fighting...you are a miracle boy and I love you very much!

God Bless & Lotsa Love,
Aunt Jess

ellen charge said...

u go u big fighter

chris said...

Hey Sadie-
Glad to hear things went well today. I know you know how loved you all are - you continue to amaze and sustain me with your strength. I found some pictures the other day of when you and your mom and Caleb were here for Jen's baby shower and I was reminded of what a journey you have been on and how blessed we all have been to be a part of it. I look forward to the day you can be here again.

Much Love-
Chris XOXO

CorrieYoung said...

Great news about the Thymus and extubation! That's always such a stressful time for me w/ my guys(extubation).

You have me puzzled. They take out the Thymus when they do heart surgeries? Since both our CHARGErs have had numerous heart surgeries, this intrigued me.

I'm just glad you have a possibility for sweet little Bubber so we can get the show on the road for him! Yeah!

Keeping you always in our prayers...

Love from MO,

Jen Straub said...

God Bless you al and PRAISE GOD!!! You are so blessed to bear witness to the miracle that is Caleb Paul Hlebiczki!! His strength on spirit can only be a miracle as I haven't seen that in any other person, not even an adult!!

Thank you for the update. We love you and miss you so much!!!

God Bless Caleb and we will pray this is the right thymus and that that is what he needs to get to the next step so he can get closer to home!

Kisses to Bubber!
God Bless Caleb.

Love- Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh

Jem Straub said...

Ok, just had to say, I can type better, but I am nursing a baby and typing one handed!!

Becky said...

Hi Sarah,
So happy that this surgery is over and has gone well..what a fighter... He has Rocky beat hands down!!! We will prayer for the Thymus donation-what a miracle to be at this point already, with everything he has been through. It is also amazing to me how you are thinking of everyone else instead of yourself. Truly, Sarah, you are an inspiration for all of us--your strength is incredible, along with your family's.
We have never stopped praying for you guys....Love,
Becky and Bobby D.

Eva Nichole said...

Now you made me cry!!! I am glad his surgery went well and I will continue to pray for the Thymus. He is one amazing little boy and one day when he is running and playing in the back yard you will be thinking WOW I can't believe how we made it threw all that!!!
Crystal and Eva

CorrieYoung said...

Just got home from a day up at Children's w/ Tate and there was a package awaiting us....from Duke! Yes, it was our package to Caleb we sent before heart surgery:(. Now I'm wondering if you got the birthday one we sent!

If you have a spare moment Sarah, would you mind e-mailing me(mcyoung@gmail.com) to let me know if you got the b-day one. I double checked the address to the one posted on your site and it was correct. I'm guessing it just went to someone at the university for whatever reason.

Hope little Bubber's had a good day!


Jess Tuschong said...

Just wanted to say hi and I love you guys...haven't heard anything for awhile...I hope everything is still going well.

God Bless & Lotsa Love,

melissa said...

I pray for you daily. Your baby is such an amazing miracle. The strength you have as a family can move mountains. I am truly blessed to read every post. Reading them reminds me of what faith really is all about. Believing that God can heal and trusting that he will. I will continue to pray for you Sarah, Brian and Caleb.
Melissa "Mirandy" Adams

Eva Nichole said...

Sorry I missed this so long ago, my thoughts and prayers were with you all when we were gone.
Crystal and Eva