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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Crummy Line Infection - Prayers Needed

Okay all...I hope this new post find everyone well!! I hope everyone had a great fourth of July too!

I remember what was going on last year on the 4th. Brian and I went over to my brother Chad's to hang out with the family and to watch fireworks. I was due the next week. They had questioned Caleb's growth/development from the point at which I was four months pregnant, but that night something encouraging happened....my brother (who is a kid when it comes to fireworks) started the show early in his backyard and lit some fireworks for my niece and nephews and the neighborhood kids. The first firework went up and into the air and 'boom' and then it was awesome Caleb got the hiccups. We read so much when I was pregnant what to expect as far as movements in the course of pregnancy, etc. But we always read that hiccups were encouraging as that is a major suck/swallow reflex. He is a determined little boy. He has to go through so much. I have learned so much from my son, he has such strength. I continue to pray for his strength and fighting spirit. He honestly has taught me to be a better person.

As you can see from the post title, Caleb has a line infection in one of his two central lines that we know of this far. He was very grumpy two days ago and ran a low grade fever. They cultured the broviac line at that time and a bug grew in the culture. After two positive cultures from that line they decided to culture his other central line and do a peripheral stick to see if the infection is in his blood stream also. They started him on IV antibiotics as soon as he spiked a fever. We are still waiting to see what type of bug it is...they think it is in the family of one of the 'sticky' bugs. Which means it likes to stick to foreign objects within the body. The concern...not only is it a concern for immunosuppressed kids to get a bacterial infection but it is an added concern that the patch that was used to make the repair in his heart does not get infected. We are hoping that his peripheral culture stays negative for growth as the chances of the bug getting to his heart increase if it comes back positive. And once again that is a whole other situation if that patch becomes infected. So again prayers are needed.

His heart rate is a lot lower that what it used to be. We do know that before the surgery his heart was working three times as hard as what it should. Also, the ASD (hole in the heart) that was repaired is around the 'pacemaker' part of your heart. So we are not sure what is causing his heart to beat so low at times. Hopefully, it is part of the healing process and that it will normalize. It has been very scary as for the past couple of days his monitor has been alarming often.

On a lighter note....I left the hospital yesterday to do some birthday shopping for my little man. What fun?!?! We really can't afford all that I bought but man does Caleb deserve it and then some. It made it tough though as Brian was not able to be here with me to go shopping. Nonetheless, Brian will be flying in on the afternoon of Caleb's birthday, so we are excited. He really can't eat cake but Brian and I are going to go buy one so he can at least put his hands in it and get icing all over the place.

Again, I try to get to all of my emails, voicemails, etc. as soon as I can but it all depends upon what is going on here. I do appreciate everyone's support you are truly magnificent people-thank you so much.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH the address as many people have been asking:
Duke University Hospital
Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27710
c/0 Caleb Hlebiczki
5th floor Rm 5123

God Bless you all!

God Bless Caleb!!


CorrieYoung said...

We'll be praying, as we always are, but it's nice to know what to specifically pray for.

Can't believe Caleb's big day is coming up already! Tate won't be far behind. Hope Caleb's day is a special, fun one. I'm sure he'll love to make a mess with his cake:)

Love from MO,

chris said...

Again, sweet Sarah, may I say what a joy it is to "watch" you care for this precious son of yours - can't believe he's nearly a year old...and what a year it has been. You, Brian and Caleb, along with your loving family, are still constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the update.

Much love to every one of you-
Chris XOXO

Eva Nichole said...

As always we will be praying and we are always thinking about you. I have friends and family always asking.
Also Happy Early Birthday little man you deserve everything you recieve!!
Crystal and Eva

Jen Straub said...

We will keep praying. Your son has taught us all so much. I was just commenting to someone that I have never known anyone with the strength that Caleb has. What an inspiration you all are. We love you so much and miss you!! What a celebration we will all have on Thursday...just wish we could all be with your little man, but soon enough!! We love you all so much and this year is so much brighter than last year just because we got to know Caleb!! God Bless you all!! Love you!! Kisses to Bubber!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh

Anonymous said...

Hope that you are well...I think of you guys all the time! Caleb is still being prayed for on my care page!

Also, to make you feel better, hopefully, PJ's heart rate was als really low after his heart surgery. They actually had to hook him up to the pace maker a few days post op as they wanted his heart rate no lower than90 and it was often dipping down into the 80s, 70s...I know that it is very scary and I am sorry that Caleb's heart is doing the same thing, but thought you might like to hear that PJ's did the same.

Would love to talk soon!
Still praying for Caleb always!
Jenna Ramsey