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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sweet Caleb

I just don't understand.....

Caleb's results came back from his Echocardiogram. He still has the ASDs, between his left and right artrium, they have found in prior Echos and the pulmonary hypertension in the right vetnricle. A newer more concerning finding is there is a membrane is his left atrium that was noticed before but posed no concern. However, during today's Echo they noted that there is increased blood flow through this membrane, which may show this membrane may be tightening and backing up blood flow. The next step....They will be doing a chest x-ray on Caleb early next week to check his lungs to make sure his latest mucus issues are not doing anything to his lungs. They will then follow him for a couple of days. If his lungs look okay they will be taking Caleb to the Cath Lab to do an Echo under complete Anesthesia. If this Echo still raises concerns regarding the membrane they will then Cath his heart to get some measurements to see if this membrane is causing an issue. If this membrane is causing increased blood flow, Caleb will then require open heart surgery to be done a couple weeks after he is Cathed. This surgery for little ones with an immune system is not a big risk, however, if needed we are not sure how this would effect Caleb.

I just don't understand when our little guy is going to catch a break. We just don't understand why ONE test can come back without any concerns. It just doesn't seem fair.


Heather said...

Sarah & Brian,
I'm so sorry to hear that he is going through a tough spell. But you guys know that there are a lot of people who are out there wishing him well.

Aunt Jen said...

I am so sorry this has been such a tough week. He looks so big and happy though...his smiles remind of what it is all for. I am SO sorry Caleb is having to fight so hard, but I am so grateful that he has such amazing parents and a huge network of people who love him and are praying for him every day!! We miss you all so much. Keep up the good fight Bubber and know that we are here waiting to greet you with open arms (and lots of kisses) once they get you healthy and get you home. We love you all so, so much and we are amazed every day by your grace and courage and faith, as hard as it may be to keep up some days I am sure. Keep believing! We believe in all of you! God Bless!

Kisses to Bubber and lots of love to all of you!!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh

Maxwell and Amy said...

Hey guys...what a difficult day with so many unanswered questions. I am so sorry. It is incredibly frustrating, isn't it? Oh how I hope some good answers come your way soon...

Love, Amy and Max

Crystal and Eva said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Eva had an ASD so I know how scarey it can be!!
Crystal and Eva

CorrieYoung said...

Hi There,

So sorry it's been one of those weeks. We too have asked dozens of times in each of our CHARGErs lives,"when they would catch a break". It's so tough. But things will get better!!! We'll pray for them to SOON. Little Caleb is SO cute, he needs to get to his happy little home(aren't there less germs there anyway?).
Praying for answers for your adorable little guy.

Love from MO,
Corrie Young

Chris said...

Hi Sarah and Brian-
I am so sorry about all the issues your precious Caleb is dealing with. Hopefully, knowing you are all loved and prayed for will provide at least a small amount of comfort.


Miss N Cedie said...

I know exactly what you all are going through and my heart breaks a thousand times over for you. Know that I am thinking of you and praying hard that things turn around for little Caleb. He is a fighter and you just have to continue to have faith in him.

Love from Memphis!

Jennifer Mock