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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Anxiously Awaiting Monday's Meeting

Hello all!!! We are anxiously awaiting Monday's patient care conference. We are still somewhat confused as to what happened regarding the transplant, so as we get more clarification (possibly after Monday's meeting) I will let everyone know. I just wanted to say that we don't have any of the newer blood tests back so no updates right now. Picture at right is one of the first times Caleb has seen himself.
I have figured out how to show video on Caleb's blog!!!!! Yeah finally!!! This is an old video, but I know noone has seen him in action in awhile so I wanted to post it as we thought it was pretty cute. Enjoy! As soon as we get a newer video I will post one.


Maxwell and Amy said...

YAY! My first opportunity to see Mr. Caleb IN ACTION! What a funny lil' guy he is! I will be anxiously awaiting news from your Monday meeting...please update as soon as you can.

Love, Amy and Max

Crystal and Eva said...

He is just SSSSSSSOOOOOOOO Adorable!! I love it, his smile makes my heart melt, he just loves mommy and daddy I can see it in his eyes. What happy little man!!
I always say its funny, you see a child in the hospital and they see the end and smile threw it, but you see an adult and they just give up and lose the smile, if only we could take a lesson from our children!!
Crystal and Eva

Jess Bowers said...

That's an awesome video!!! I can't wait to see more!!! I miss the little guy and think about you all every day!

I love and miss all three of you!!


Aunt Jen said...

The tears still haven't stopped...nor has the smile!!! He is so beautiful!! I wish you could just hook up a live streaming camera so I could see him all the time. Thank you so much for sharing that amazing video!! It was nice to see him and Brian too of course and to hear all of your voices!! God bless you all and I can't wait to hear today's update!!! We love you sooooo much!!!! Kisses to Caleb!!!


Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy & Haleigh

corrie young said...

Hi There!

Thanks so much for your e-mail. You have quite the little cutie on your hands! I don't know if you got to see Tate's pics or not but his cleft was almost identical to Caleb's. God puts a special place in your heart for babies w/ these after you have one of your own.

We too have been put on "hold". I hope you got some answers today. Let us know. We're praying for the "right" plan to be put in place for Caleb.

Corrie Young