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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pi Kappa Alpha-Brothers-Family

When Brian was at WVU for College he was in a fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and met several wonderful guys that I have had the privilege of meeting. Unfortunately, Caleb has not had the chance yet to meet them all, but they will all be in our lives forever so they will eventually meet our son.

Over the years I have seen Brian interact with his fraternity brothers at football games, weddings, picnics, etc. and it is amazing the bond that they all have. They truly are brothers. . . better yet family. And now the family continues to grow. Now there are wives and children that see what an amazing bond all of these guys have and feel comfortable being a part of the 'extended' family.

When we were flooded a couple years ago it was amazing how Brian's brothers were there in an instant to help. And now they are even more amazing . . . they have set up the Caleb Hlebiczki Medical Fund to help raise money for our family. They have set up a website (http://www.calebmedicalfund.com/index.html) where people/businesses/foundations can donate money to help us with the medical expenses we are incurring at this time. I truly hold all of them in high regard, they are amazing people that truly take care of one another. I cannot thank all of you enough. Caleb will learn about all of you and how you have helped him and our family. You all are angels in our book. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and God Bless You All.


Anonymous said...

Brian, you have some amazing friends!! What a great job they did with the website!!! I will definitely be sending that link to lots of people!!!

I love you all...safe travels on Monday!!! :)

Chris Bowers said...

This is wonderful!! How blessed you are to have such terrific support!!! I'll be so anxious to hear how things progress!!

Much love-

Aunt Jen said...

How wonderful!! All that "bonding" in college was surely worth it!! What a wonderful idea and an even better implementation!! Nicely done. I will share it with everyone. Thanks!!
Kisses to Caleb and love to you all!! God Bless and safe travels!!

Crystal and Eva said...

That is amazing!!! Those are friends that will last a life time.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Great friends! Have a safe trip monday! Love you guys!

Angie Szalay

CorrieYoung said...

What a wonderful idea, our good friends developed a fund for our two CHARGErs a year ago(after we found out about Tate) and it's been a Godsend.My dream would be for every CHARGEr to have on. I don't know what we would have done w/out it.

My husband's fraternity brothers(Theta Xi) also all went together and just handed us a check for travel expenses before Tate was born too. Just some of the many ways our kiddos bring out the best in people. I truly believe it's part of their purpose for being born this way and given to us in a very special, complex, little package.

So glad you are on the move and going forward w/ this plan. Go Caleb Go!!!

Love to all of you from us here in MO,

Corrie Young

of course you can put Tate's website on Caleb's, we'd be honored!!!

Niki Hill said...

What a great idea, and what a great group of friends you have! I will send this link out to all I know. Have a safe trip on Monday and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Love you guys, Niki