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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So, we did have a relaxing weekend, which was very nice.

Sunday night we were all having a snack before bed, popcorn. Everything was going fine, when Caleb started to choke. This is probably the fifth choking episode with the kids, but the worst so far. It was evident Caleb wasn’t moving air and I was looking at Caleb’s face and it was getting purple by the second. At that time Bri was behind Caleb and I said, ‘do it’. Brian performed the Heimlich and Caleb was moving air again, but coughed hard for the next couple minutes. Brian did awesome. We all finally calmed down enough to get to bed for the evening.

Yesterday, when I picked Caleb up from school, I notice Caleb’s cough from his cold seemed worse and sounded different from anything I had ever heard him do. He kept doing it off and on and after dinner lastnight, he started coughing again and he then coughed up a popcorn kernel. Pretty evident this kernel was in his lungs, from aspirating when choking. Brian and I then discussed it and though Caleb needed an x-ray. Caleb had aspirational pneumonia before, at Duke, and that is when he was really sick and was on the ventilator (oscillator) for a very long time and we almost lost him. I know his immune system was more compromised then, but still aspirating is something you don’t want to mess with. So Brian took Caleb to MedExpress where they did and xray to check for pneumonia. His lungs look clear, BUT, the doctors want to treat him with antibiotics (shot and oral) to prevent him from getting pneumonia. As we know, once it starts, it is hard to get a hold of. So Caleb got a shot lastnight (which he pointed to his bum when he got home to show me :)), breathing treatments, and he got oral antibiotics. He has to go back in a couple days for another x-ray to make sure no pneumonia is present.

I am glad he got checked and has meds on board to hopefully prevent a pneumonia from forming.

Thanks for checking in.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

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