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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hi all, well as I am waiting to get this site more secure I am going to continue to update as I don't think it is fair to leave everyone in the dark especially with how you all support us.

Well Caleb's surgery is schedule for New Year's Eve. He will have his dental work done to fix his teeth that have been damaged to being on IV nutrition/reflux and from his grinding issues, they will do an MRI and Catscan of his ears to see what his anatomy of his ears looks like to see if he is a candidate for some type of implant, they will put tubes in his ears, and they are going to revisit his eye drainage issue, if we can get his occularplastic surgeon in the OR as well.  It was noted about a year ago that Caleb does not have puncta, the tiny holes on the lips of your eyes.  Everyone should have a total of four.  One on top and bottom of each eye.  The bottom puncta do the majority of the draining and the top do about 25%.  Caleb has only one and it is on the top. Puncta help the eye flush bacteria away from the eye, so if you don't have puncta, you can get a lot of eye infection.  His Occularplastic Surgeon, wants to go into the OR and take a look and just make sure that the puncta are not somewhere else in the eye, since his anatomy is a bit different (i.e. the cleft lip and palate). If they are there, that is great they will put stints in to help his eyes drain.  If not, well, that could lead into a whole other surgery that would create a drainage system for Caleb's eyes into his sinuses.  But, we won't know that until she can get a better look in the OR.  So, I am hoping the other docs will be okay with her jumping in the OR for a bit to take a look and that the anesthesiologists think it is safe for him to be under for that amount of time.  I will update when we know more.

Thanks for checking in.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

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