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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The rest of the updates

So after Endocrinology we headed to Cardiology for Caleb to have an EKG and an Echo.  Not only were they checking on his repairs form his open heart, they also were checking on an area of concern that was noted during his last admission.  The heart wave made of P, Q, R, S, and T waves.  The QT wave during Caleb's last admission looked somewhat long and when this happens that can put you at risk for certain arrhythmias.  However, the Echo showed that the QT wave was not long and was probably long during his last admission, when he was in for his shunt, because of the high inter cranial pressure.  The heart was reacting to the high pressure.  So this was good.  The cardiologist also said the repairs to Caleb's heart look great.  During his last admission, they also noted Caleb was also dropping (the wave wasn't always present) his P wave.  We said he did this at Duke when he was there in the ICU.  Therefore, Cardiology decided to send him home on a heart monitor to check and see if he dropped any waves for the next 24 hrs.  The heart monitor stays on until about 4 today, so he get another day off from school.  When I get home from work, I will take the monitor off and then mail it back to Children's and we should have results in two weeks.  If all looks good, Caleb could officially be discharged from Cardiology's care!  Prayers the P waves behave themselves.

Nephrology:  Caleb had to see Nephrology as the kidneys can take a beating after all the meds, abnormal electrolyte levels, and IV nutrition.  However, pending a urine specimen, if all looks good Caleb could be discharged from their care as well.

Opthamology:  Since Caleb is a bit older and a bit more communicative, they did some other tests on his eyes yesterday.  Good news his brain and eyes work together.  Awesome news!  He does have depth perception as well too, which is awesome.  Caleb's astigmatism is worse in his left eye, which means another new script.  They have been changing a lot, but that is to be expected with growth.  We are supposed to continue to patch his eye.  If by age 9 or 10 his lazy eye is the same or worse, they will consider surgery to correct it. 

While we were at Children's, Duke called me to tell me they received the consent for all the immune bloodwork and we were good to go to the lab to get it drawn, so Children's could UPS it.  So the labs were drawn.  Hopefully, we should know a bit more about his immune tests in the next two weeks. 

That is where we are for now.  When results continue to come in, I will update. 

Thanks for checking in.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

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