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Friday, April 01, 2011

Darn Winter Germs

Sorry again all for the delay. I myself, have not been feeling well for a couple weeks and it made it hard for me to update. I am still a bit under the weather but I really need to give some updates.

So here we go..

Well, it is not what I wanted but our appeal was denied but we are appealing the denial and the overpayment. So please pray that the appeal is approved! This also means that Caleb's medicaid card was not reinstated. Some states have a provisional medicaid card and I believe unfortunately WV is not one of them. So I have begun the application process to try to get Caleb MRDD Waiver, which is insurance based off of Caleb's disability. It is not the easiest application, but if granted it could really help us. Down side, the waiting list is one to two years. He could get approved a week or so after the application is complete, but the coverage would not be optimal.

Despite the insurance issues, we have to get Caleb's eyes checked. He pushes on his one eye constantly to help it drain and we just need to get him some relief. So we will be seeing the Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Eye Surgeon on Tuesday. I hope we can get him some help, unfortunately this will probably mean yet another surgery.

We have been fighting many bugs in the house this winter. GI bugs, respiratory bugs, RSV, pink eye, sinus infections, you name it. I am hoping the warm weather comes soon and gets rid of the nasty bugs in the air.

Can I just say how smart Caleb is?!? HA HA spoken like a true mom right :)
He continues to do well in school. Following directions and participating more. Actually, today he doesn't have school and I have been able to really get him to talk today, so I walked around the house with him and pointed to things and said what they were and he repeated them! AH, what a great feeling. I even pointed to his sister and asked him if he knew her name and he said Amryn his version of Camryn! It was so cute! I hope he continues to talk more. This would be great! Caleb has also been able to tolerating sitting in a regular chair, here at home and at school. The chair at our dining room table is a little low, so we will have to modify it so our big boy can sit in a chair.

An article has been written about Caleb in a magazine. I am supposed to be getting a copy of the magazine in the mail. As soon as I do I will share for all of you to read!

I also, wanted to continue to thank you for the email I receive with suggestions on how to deal with SSI. Some of the feedback I have gotten was via the comments section, and I know some of you gave some personal info and that is why I did not post your comment.

Also, if any of you are on facebook, I do post updates on his facebook page to 'Caleb Hlebiczki is a Fighter'. So check us out there too. I am able to put photos on there easier than here as blogger is not that photo friendly for me!

Okay well I think Camryn is waking up from her nap.

Thank for stopping by and check back for updates!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

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