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Monday, April 11, 2011

Eye Appointment

Hello all, so the eye appointment at UPMC's Eye Center went well. So this is where we are for now: The doctors were awesome. They stayed in the room and answered all of our questions. They believe that since Caleb's draining is not excessive they do not want to do anything emergent as far as surgery. They are wondering, based upon what we have told them how his eyes drain if he has puncta and maybe they aren't were they typically should be and maybe his anatomy is different regarding the puncta too. This could be do to the cleft as well as the CHARGE syndrome. Caleb's craniofacial team wants to do another surgery on his nose as the cleft repair they did not believe was optimal. Therefore, the ocular team would like to have a half hour or so of the OR time to take a look at Caleb's eyes to see if they can find puncta. If so, they will put stints in, if not-well that's a whole other ball game. If he does not have them then they would create puncta if Caleb has the proper bone structure in his face to create the drainage system. If he doesn't have the proper bone structure, then they would put a tube in his eye later in life. They would not put this tube in now as it requires daily maintenance and other precautions (i.e. covering the corner of your eye when you sneeze). We all are still unsure if when Caleb pushes underneath his eye if this is related to his eye issues or behavioral. So the craniofacial team and the occular team will discuss the next move as far as the plan of attack for surgery.
However, we have just noticed that every once and while Caleb's eye seems to be having some 'lazy' characteristics to it. I called his Optometrist at Children's today to tell her what is going on and that I am concerned. I asked her if this could be related to the other eye issues and she doesn't think so but wouldn't be for sure until she sees him. So I then asked her if it isn't related what is it. She said some kiddos around this age develop a lazy eye and if needed can be treated with glasses or an eye patch. ay yai yai-I really don't see him leaving either on and feel bad for him that he would need either. He's got enough to contend with for Pete's sake!

On a positive note, the weather here yesterday was gorgeous and we spent the whole day outside on the deck. Brian and I were in awe at how much more Caleb did yesterday compared to what he did last summer. It was very awesome to see his progress. We had a great day as a family!

Well I am off to write an appeal for his SSI overpayment and to apply for the MRDD Waiver for Caleb.

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God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

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