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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

SSI Update and Medical Fund Changes

So we are still waiting on the decision on the SSI disability payments but it doesn't look promising. Not only will they not return my calls, but when I finally got through the other day the lady at the SSI office indicated she just found the Waiver application and would look at it in a couple days. That would be about three months since I filed it. Ridiculous. In addition, the 'overpayment' error was due to their error not ours and that is what I stated in the Waiver application. What shocks me is that the local office, who made the mistake, decides on the Waiver. How is that not biased?! In addition, when I talked to her last week she was already asking me how much we could afford to pay back every month, like she had already made her decision without looking at the Waiver. I am throughly disgusted. I told her I can't 'afford' anything and why should I pay something back when they made the error. I am getting so upset typing this, makes my blood boil. So I am expecting a letter in the mail telling us we owe them money. I asked her if she could call me with her decision and she said no she would mail me a letter. I guess it is easier to deny someone via mail than in person or over the phone. Classy right?!?

Anyway, on a happier note. We decided this past weekend that there was an empty spot in our lives and

we went to the pound and rescued this sweet boxer/lab mix named Izzy. She is awesome. Caleb and her are already buddies!

Caleb is sick again, we are heading to the doctor this afternoon. I am not sure if his ear infection is getting worse or if he has another infection on top of that. Poor kiddo.

Also, we found out that Caleb was student of the month at his schoool. How awesome is that?!?! So proud of him. He is such an inspiration.

Oh also, we had to change the location of the Medical Fund. You can now click on the 'Donate' paypal link on the side of the page to make donations to the Caleb Hlebiczk Medical Fund.

Well I have to get going. Caleb isn't feeling so hot.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

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Crystal M. said...

sorry about the SSI my blood was boiling for you!! But you have an adorable new dog, and I hope caleb feels better soon.
Crystal and Eva