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Monday, September 21, 2009

Waiting game

Still no update on the IgG level! I am not really expecting to hear anything though until earliest on Wednesday! So we are praying hard for an awesome IgG level.

He is healing nicely from his surgery. You can definitely tell that he is still sore from the surgery but the incisions look good so far and the bruising is lessening.

We have met all of Caleb's new therapists through he school system. I hope and pray that they can provide the appropriate resources to help us work with Caleb and his delays.

He is getting more and more mobile everyday. He is climbing all over the place. Now if I could only get him to walk! We are looking into walkers that Caleb wouldn't have the possibility to sit down, that somehow we could 'brace' him into his walker. The one he has now, isn't working. He just sits down when we stand him up! Hopefully, we can find one that will work and will get him mobile.

I continue to work on different foods with Caleb and he is doing well. So amazing our little boy is getting better and better every day eating. We continue to work on the drinking. He definitely has a fear of drinking and I continue to work on that with him.

We are still waiting on flu vaccines for Caleb. He is on the waiting list at his pediatrician's office for the regular flu shot. As far as the H1N1 vaccine, it isn't even available until mid October. I called the local health department to see if I could start whatever paperwork is needed so Caleb could get his shot as soon as they get the vaccine and the lady was of no help on what I need to do to get him a vaccine.

Well sorry for the quick update but little man is into stuff and I gotta go! Have a great day!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!

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Crystal M. said...

I hope and pray you get wonderful answers soon!! Glad therapy is falling into place and keep up the great work moving around and trying new foods.
crystal and Eva