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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Surgery and Upcoming Flu Season

Well Caleb's surgery is less than a week away and this will be 'new' for us. This is supposed to be an outpatient surgery, but that is all up to how Caleb feels after surgery and if he lets them extabate (take the breathing tube) him after the surgery. So, I had to contact his doctors today to ask them if they would mind contacting the relative departments (pre-op, post-op, etc) about his isolation precautions due to his immunosuppresion. Unfortunately, this always seems to be a battle and sometimes some doctors and nurses feel they are above these rules and regulations. So I hope if we can get some early notifications to the respective areas it will be less stressful and safer for Caleb.

I am still trying to find out where I can get a H1N1 vaccine for Caleb as it seems like this may be a little hard to get our hands on one for him. Once again, his case is so rare, that we will probably need a lot of doctors letters and phone calls made to explain why he needs this vaccine. I am starting to get nervous about this upcoming flu season as now we have this H1N1 virus out there. I try not to read or listen to any media coverage about the virus. I am very aware that flu in general is very serious and should never be overlooked it is just even more scary when your little one has immune issues. I hate flu season.

So with flu season approaching, it is starting to dawn on me that our trips out, even though there weren't many, will be very limited. This is hard as I already have cabin fever and I am sure Caleb does too! I feel bad for him as I saw how much fun he had interacting with his cousin at the beach and I know we will have to eventually halt all those visits too to protect Caleb. I just know Caleb would benefit so much if he was able to interact with other children. I know in due time...

Well, time for a bolus feed....

Also thanks for the prayers for my mom-she is home now recuperating and our little friend Eva who is now also home recuperating. Please continue to keep them and our little friend Moriah and her family in your prayers!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


ellen charge said...

swine is scarey full stop my cous who had it was a normal healthy girl no probs most of thepeople who died out here had probs liek caleb so i dotn want him to get it my cous acutlay had a two percent chance of living drs said that after she got otu of hosp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 so i guess what im saying is i dotn c y u need so many letters for the vaccine coz out here they r wanting to vaccinate healthy kids as well as kids like us coz of what it does ards what my cous had as result is jsut as cary so we want to prevent that i spose crazy politics tho ay love ya

Crystal M. said...

I will keep Caleb in my thought and prayers and I hope everything turns out ok and you are home the same day.
Crystal and Eva

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Good luck with surgery and finding the injections. Flu season is the worst! Prayers for your mom too.