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Monday, September 21, 2009

My Big Boy **Updated**

After all the aversions...who would have thought?!?! Yes, we still will be working on drinking as he hates that, but he used to hate eating too and would be so scared of it! Look at this!

**Update: So not only did Caleb feed himself lunch, he fed himself dinner and all of it. Also, he feed himself with not one spoon, but two! I was shocked. I gave him two spoons to see if he prefered one over the other and he liked both! Too funny! He did let any go to waste either. He also ate TWO pudding cups for his bedtime snack! No failure to thrive anymore! He wiped his mouth and hands too when I asked him! Wow Caleb you are awesome little boy! Now, I just need to continue working on getting him to drink.

Thank you all for enjoying all these milestones as much as we do!**

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Crystal M. said...


Jenny said...

total AWESOMENESS!!!!!!
Way to go CALEB!!
and great job mom -- you are behind all his successes.

See ya soon!!! :P

Eduardo said...

WOW!!!!! Congrats to the whole family, as this is truly a blessing for everyone! Love him and his 2 spoons :-)

Chris B said...

Absolutely amazing!! XOXO