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Friday, August 28, 2009

Surgery Scheduled

Hello all, well first an update on the cold. He seems to be coughing less and the congestion isn't as bad. So we are praying that he continues to fight it!

We still have not heard from Duke regarding his Immune bloodwork! UGH

Also, as far as the wish with Make-A-Wish to tear down the house next door. They say they can't buy property. So now on to trying to decide on another wish. I did ask them what about remodeling our basement to make it a play area for Caleb. I did explain to them that the foundation would need repaired as it was slightly damaged from the flood a couple years back and can get wet and therefore, it would need to be sealed better before making it a safe play area for a immune-compromised kiddo. She said they don't do construction....OI VEY I want to pick something that he can appreciate over time, and not something that only lasts for a day or a week, but I am really struggling with another idea!

Surgery: Well Caleb is scheduled for surgery on the 15th of September to get tubes in his ears, as cleft lip and palate kiddos generally will have tubes for the rest of their lives, and his last set are out. He also needs circumcised. If all goes well they are telling us that he could go home the same day. Now we know in the past that Caleb has had issues letting them extabate, pull the breathing tube out that they put in during surgery. So we are hoping his lungs behave and that he will let them extabate and he can go home on the same day! This would be a whole new world for us....going home after a surgery. WOW!

Once Caleb recovers from this surgery, we will schedule a hearing test. All past hearing tests have been done under anesthesia by a brain stem activation. It has been explained to us that brain stem activation and a normal hearing tests can show different results. So we are praying that the results will show that Caleb's hearing is a little better than what the brain stem activation tests show. We shall see!

Special Prayer: My mom is going in for surgery on the 1st please keep her in your prayers!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Crystal M. said...

Sorry about the wish issues, I hope you can come up with something soon. I wish they would help with ideas for you, I mean its not like he can really go on a vaction with tons of people around. That would also not last forever.
I hope the surgery goes well and you get to go home right away.
Crystal and Eva

Eduardo said...

Wow...lots going on! Good luck on the surgeries and hearing test (fingers crossed!) Also prayers for your mom!

Lwbyrum@comcast.net said...

Sarah & Brian - all will be well. Caleb is a remarkable child who has been held in God's hands since birth. He is a fighter- a true soldier of God. Have faith. Caleb will be fine!

gram byrum said...

Sweetheart, thank u for thinking of me. I'll be fine. Now is the time to think of and pray for Caleb.