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Monday, August 17, 2009

Beach Vacation

Yep you read that right, we went to the beach! I didn't want to post about the upcoming trip as I was afraid I would jinx it and we wouldn't get to go, but WE DID! Wonderful friends of ours so gracioiusly let us stay in their beach house in Georgetown, SC. Brian, Caleb, and went along with my parents and my brothers and their families. We had so much fun. Caleb got used to the water and by the end of the week if you held him by his tummy he would doggy paddle. He had one bad day at the beach due to sand in his eye. Other than that, it was absoloutely terrific and none of us could have asked for anymore. It was amazing. Thank you friends for allowing us to stay at your house, we will be forever grateful for your generosity towards our family!

Another first: we took Caleb to a restaurant for Bri's birthday, we were fortunate enough to get a corner table with noone around us and it was great. We were out in the public with our son and he ate babyfood for dinner while we were there. It was awesome. I think that was probably the best birthday gift Bri could have ever gotten.

Caleb unfortunately did develop a cold while we were there and we are heading to the doctor early in the morning as it is still not getting any better. Hopefully, we will hear something from Duke soon in regards to his recent bloodwork that will allow us to rest a little more easily.

Here are some pictures of our trip to the beach and more will come as my brothers send me the pictures they took! I have a lot of more updates but wanted to post the pictures as I know you all would appreciate them!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome pictures...I'm so glad you all got to go together and spend time enjoying life and enjoying your family!! What a true blessing!

Much love,

Jen Straub said...

soooooo special!!! so glad to see the photos and so glad you all got to have so much fun!!!! Hope the cold clears up quickly!! God Bless!!

Jenny said...

Loved the photo montage!!! Family is GREAT and so glad you are able to share Caleb w/them more often! Glad he liked the beach too - hopefully more trips in the future!
Look forward to maybe seeing you this weekend!!!!! Hope Caleb's meds work and he bounces back quickly!

Love Jenny