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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Immune System, Meds, or Both?

Well, this morning was the first morning since Caleb got his cold that he didn't wake up choking on phlegm. So, could he possibly be kicking this cold? If so, is it the meds, or maybe his immune system is working, or a combo of the both? I am hoping the later. We still haven't heard from Duke regarding his blood work, but if he continues to improve, I am encouraged to think that there has to be something, even something little, in regards to his immune function. It would be great to know that there is something there especially as we will be heading into another flu season in a couple months. That is the scariest time for us as the flu can pose such a great risk to the healthiest of people, so we are really praying that we will soon hear some good news regarding his immune function.

Also a couple special prayer requests. Please pray for my sister-in-laws family, Stacy Byrum, as this past week her Uncle passed away. God Bless him. Also, a little friend of ours, who I have mentioned on here before, is fighting yet another infection. This little one, Moriah http://www.momentswithmoriah.blogspot.com/, is undergoing tests to see if she has the same immune deficiency as Caleb. Please keep her and her family in your prayers also.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Chadbyrum said...

Call me an optimist, but I have a feeling that he has a working immune system.

Crystal M. said...

I am so glad he is feeling better!!
My prayer are here for you sil's family, and of course Moriah's.
Crystal and Eva

Lisa W. said...

Good to hear he's starting to kick the cold. Kennedy's had an icky cold this month too - at first we thought it might've just been some seasonal allergies but it was definitely more than that. Good luck with the test results as well.