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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Signing, Hearing, and Transition

Well Caleb continues to pick up more signs! I introduced 'where' to Caleb and he picked it up within 10 minutes. Which is so much fun, because I can now sign and ask him questions....and he understands, as long as you keep the questions very short. For example, we sign 'where's duck?' or 'where's dog?' and he finds them. He also continues to recognize an actual letter, from his letter toys during bathtime, while he's in the tub and associates those letters with certain things. For example lastnight he found an 'L' and growled like a lion. I also have a habit if there are two of the same letter I would place one above the other on the side of the tub. I caught him lastnight doing that exact thing! So amazing!
We have noticed that the words in which he does verbalize, the first letter of each word is missing. I asked his speech therapist about this yesterday and she indicated that this is very common among children with hearing impairments. So we are really trying to over-enunciate the first letter/sound of every word to help him hear it. I am also trying to get him to pay more attention to my lips, so maybe he can get better at lip-reading.
Caleb is also almost three which means he will soon be transitioning out of the Birth To Three program, which is all his therapy, and will enter into coverage/services provided by the Ohio County Schools. We are scheduling a conference call with Ohio County Schools to see what we need to get done to get him those services.
So lots going on. I am also planning to schedule his plethora of needed clinic visits. Soooo many docs he needs to see, should be about 2-3 days of clinic visits. I am hoping to get them all planned after cold/flue season is over.
Well, I have to go feed lil' man!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Eva Nichole said...

Great job Caleb and mommy!! Keep up the great work!
Crystal and Eva

Jenny said...

great job caleb!! that is awesome he his picking the signing up and i am sure so rewarding for you to have opened a line of communication!!! it will continue to get better and good luck w/the school conf call and his doc visits - i'm sure the docs will be very impressed w/his progress!!!!

Jen Straub said...

He is so fabulous!!! So are you!!! I don't know how you do it, day in and day out, without a break, without a moment for yourself, and yet each day you give all of yourself to your son and your husband to provide the best life for your family. Your undying devotion and fight to give the best for your boy is something I strive to live up to. You are all three so blessed to have each other. You have all brought out the best in each other, no matter how tough it has been. I am sorry you have had to fight so hard, but so grateful to have been able to know you all and be able to keep up with your progress. I can't wait until cold and flu season is over so I can see you all in person!! I love you all dearly!! Thanks for continuing to inspire us all to be the best parents we can be!!

Chris B said...

Such good stuff!! So glad to hear so many happy steps - and I must echo my daughter's words - we are all so very blessed to be witness to this amazing miracle. My very best love to you, Brian, Caleb and all of your family. I trust you know how close to my heart you are every day. And Happy Anniversary!! Much love - Chris XOXO

hannah m said...

Hi! I'm here via Mighty Max's blog - and your Caleb is absolutely adorable! I love seeing him walking with his walker and reading about his new ASL signs! What a great kid!

My daughter Vivian is 20 months old and has CHARGE syndrome. I'll enjoy checking in on your sweet family, if that's ok.

I hear Viv waking up now - so we're off to start our day. Wishing you a wonderful day, too!

*Hannah and Vivian