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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Well we have had a lot of meetings lately.

Thursday I had a conference call early in the morning with Birth To Three and Ohio County Schools discussing the transition from Birth to Three into the Ohio County School System. They have agreed to provide a home bound teacher for whatever services that they deem necessary when they come in to do his testing in June.

The next meeting was for a psych evaluation, as it is needed for us to apply for federal assistance called Waiver for Caleb. Waiver, is a very hard system to get into. Just like any other assistance for special needs kiddos, the paper work is ridiculous and has to come from many different people. There is usually a waiting list and specific criteria that have to be met. The psychologist came to the home on Thursday, and in her opinion, she believes Caleb should qualify for Waiver. Now we will just have to wait to see if the State agrees.

Last and definitely not least was our meeting with Make-A-Wish Foundation. The lady that came to the home was so nice. So we went for it, we asked for the foreclosed house next door to be torn down so we can have a yard for him, get him outside so he is not in the house all the time, and put different 'therapy stations' in our yard over time for him. She really wasn't sure if they would go for this and asked us if we had a second wish, just in case. We couldn't think of one....it is so hard to pick a wish for a child that can't leave the home. So she said she was going to ask the 'higher ups' and get back to us! So we will see! I will keep you all updated.

Thanks for checking in on us!!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Jen Straub said...

So busy, yet again...you are the best champion for him!! Praying for good results from it all. Love you!!

Eva Nichole said...

I agree sounds like you are busy busy busy and I will pray you can get that wish for Caleb.
Crystal and Eva

The Claytons said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Sooo proud of Caleb thats awesome that he is working with his walker hope he gets more used to it and working on the steps what a big boy give him kisses from nurse ange. I start working at Wheeling hospital on the peds unit the end of May. Hope all is well
Love Nurse Ange
Keep up the good work LIL MAN!!!

ellen charge said...

sarah i have a small request for you could u go to moriahs blog and see there side bar for their email and email them calebs story as bics jstu written soemthing bout moriah today that made me think of you guys so yeah hes going so great