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Monday, July 14, 2008

Exciting Immune System Milestone

Well we have reached a milestone in Immune development.

There is a point with all of the transplant kiddos when Dr. Markert decides to try to give them a tetnis shot (remember these kids can't get immunizations or it will kill them). So she tries the tetnis and then they will do the first 'functional' immune test a month after the shot. I know confusing, what have all the other tests been?!? They have just tested to see if the immune cells are actually coming in. Which they have been but now they want to see how well they are working. But you have to see how they react to something, hence, the tetnis. This is so exciting I remember even before Caleb had his tranplant that they talked about this shot and it seemed so far away, and its here. The reason why they do the tetnis before any immunizations is because tetnis is a bacteria (and only part of the bacteria) where immunizations are live viruses. So we are trying to get a pharmacy around here to supply the tetnis and then it will be administered at home. I am drawing some blood work in the morning for Duke (not a complete immune study-but some labs she wants before the tetnis is given).

Also, more awesome news!! Caleb has sat up on his own twice now. He is so amazing. He did it right before his second birthday. What a tough guy! And yes I have to say it again, he is so darn cute.

I have to keep this short as little man is getting up from a nap and once again, no nurses today.

Birthday video soon to come too!!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME news!!!!! VERY exciting that he has starting sitting up on his own and that you get to try the tetnis shot!!! Love you tons!!!

Chris B said...

That is great news - ths shot and the sitting!! Can't wait to see pics!!

Much love-

Jen Straub said...

You are such an amazing force for your beautiful little man. It is a beautiful thing to see him become what he is because of you and you become what you are because of him. I am so grateful to have the blessed experience of watching this all happen. God Bless!! We will keep praying and so look forward to the day we are all hanging out together!!! We love you all!! Kisses to Caleb!!

Eva Nichole said...

WOnderful news and I will keep Caleb in my thoughts and prayers.
Also happy belated birthday little man and great job on the sitting!!
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Great News!! Happy Belated Birthday Caleb! I'm sure it was a wonderful day and we cannot wait to see the pictures/video!! Take care!
Darin, Jenny and Keira