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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Clinic on Thursday

Well the tentative plans are to head to clinic on Thursday so the Allergy and Immunology group can check Caleb's skin. Then the docs will decide if, when, and how to wean his cyclosporine (his immunosuppresion drug).

We have not heard anything regarding our next set of immune tests but by our calculations it should be soon. It seems as when we finally get the results from one test they should be drawing for the next set of lab work. It lately has been taking approximatley 4 weeks after the labs are drawn until we hear anything, which makes it very nervewracking for us.

Caleb went for another walk tonight and loved it. It is so nice to take him outside and to go up and down the street. Yes, it is nervewracking as we have to keep ourselves away from anybody, but we get to see some of our neighbors on their porches who are able to talk to Caleb while we our out on the sidewalk. However, today he didn't have his hearing aid in for the walk so I am not really sure he heard what our neighbors were saying to them, oops. But I think it is great for him to see different faces and feel the fresh air. He continues to walk while he holds our hands. So amazing and he is able to stand up while leaning on our coffee table. So awesome.

I can't believe he is going to be two. Wow!! My little boy is going to be two. I thank God for blessing us with such an amazing little boy and letting us be his parents. He has made me such a better person.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Chris B said...

It is wonderful that you are able to be outside with Caleb - and that he is "up and moving"!! Caleb, Sarah and Brian - you are blessings to all of us!!

Much love-

Anonymous said...
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