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Friday, May 02, 2008

Cleft Surgery is Done

Hello all...

The cleft surgery was last week and so far so good. It was about a seven hour surgery. Dr. Losee was not happy with the nose but was happy with the lip. He is a bit of a perfectionist...we love him and his group. We knew that this would not be the optimal repair as Caleb couldn't wear his mouthpiece after he coded at Duke and was on the ventilator for so long. He looks cute and very different!! We were actually only in the hospital for three days which is very odd for us. Usually we are there for the long stays. Hopefully those long stays will become a thing of the past. So he is still pretty swollen so as soon as the swelling goes down along with the black eyes I will post some pics.

So we still only have 1 nurse for five days a week, she is awesome. Not to happy with the nursing company still as we are qualified for 16 hours of nursing care a day for 7 days a week and they have had 3 months now to staff this case. We have had two nurses not even show up for their shift, one nurse who did not tell the truth about her qualifications, and another nurse who made a med error. So needless to say I would not recommend this nursing company. I would totally drop them and switch to another company but I don't want Caleb to lose the nurse he has now.

There are many of you who continually send wipes, diapers, etc. to our home. I wanted to give a little tidbit of information as I know many moms who read this are big into which companies help those who have children with special needs. I had posted that a certain company was going to donate hand sanitizer to Caleb. . .well they pulled there donation off the table. However, I did find another company that is willing to send something. If you ever need hand sanitizer and can buy Avant please do so. They were very willing to help out. Yes it may be a one time shipment but they still sent something, which is more than I can say for other companies. It is very disappointing when you call many well-known companies who would probably not be financially burdened by a donation that are not willing to donate to such a case. It seems to me, from our experience (i.e. Windcore, Panhandle Restoration and Cleaning, Jamison Carpeting, Cavi-Wipes, and you all) that the littler companies and individuals, who will bear a financial burden, are more willing to donate. Excuse my rant, but it just seems like something is wrong with that picture.

So it was a year ago we were arriving in Durham, NC to get Caleb a thymus transplant. It was not too long after we got there, May 10th 2007, that Caleb got sick and coded and was placed in the PICU on ventilator. I remember mothers day last year. . .my first mothers day and I was praying that Caleb would make it and we would have many more mothers days together. I remember all the other moms in the PICU waiting room that were spending their first mothers day the same way I was. I think of you all and your little ones often and you continue to be in my prayers. May this mothers day be a better one for us all!

In case I cannot get another opportunity to get back on in awhile. . . I wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Jen Straub said...

A beautiful and joyous Mother's Day to you, the Mother who demonstrates what being a Mother is really all about!! God Bless you all!! We are so glad that you will be at home with your little one this year celebrating a year of milestones, trials, but most importantly celebration of that beautiful little fighter you have!!
That stinks about the hand sanitizer company, but we will look for the other brand to support!!
God Bless you all!! We miss you and love you and look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh Rose

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you didn't have to be in the hospital long with Caleb's surgery...one of my good friends from college actually saw the Facebook group I created for Caleb - he had a cleft lip as a baby too - and during dental school, he said he spent 3 years volunteering at the craniofacial clinic at Children's in Columbus. He was interested to hear about Caleb and is very glad that the surgery went well! (as am I of course!)

Sarah & Brian - you two are amazing parents...the strength you have shown during the past 2 years is truly awe inspiring. You are lucky to have such a special little boy, and he is so lucky to have such incredible parents.

Sarah - I hope you have a wonderful birthday next week and a truly wonderful Mothers Day - in your own home, with your family.

God Bless & Lotsa Love!! I miss you guys so much!!!


Chris Bowers said...

So glad to know you were able to be back home so quickly - that must feel so good! Now if the nursing thing can get to where it needs to be....!

Happy, Happy Birthday dear Sarah - and very special Mother's Day wishes to you too!!

Kisses to all 3 of you!

Much love-
Chris XOXO

CorrieYoung said...

So good to get an update...thank you! I can't wait to see Caleb's new look! Does he have to wear the "no-no's" for two weeks? That was the hardest part of Tate's repair.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. It has to feel so good to be spending it at home!

Give Caleb a kiss from all of us and tell him he's in our prayers everyday!

God Bless!