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Monday, March 26, 2007

Still no date set for Duke

Okay well first they think the high fevers were due to a line infection. He has had three days of negative cultures though from his line so that is a good sign, especially since they say this type of bug likes to stick to the plastic in the lines. He also got another dose of IVIG, transfusion, and albumin to keep his immune system, blood, and absorption levels in check. Also, while we were holding him this weekend, Caleb managed to hold him self up for a couple seconds, we think we are getting really close to him holding himself up.

I can't believe I have to report this after being told last week that we should be going to Duke end of March or early April, BUT we were told today that it now looks like end of April! I can't believe it! It is very tough to sit here and hope and pray every day that he doesn't catch anything that could pose any life-threatening situations for him. The immunologists from Children's told us today that Dr. Markert (doctor from Duke) is meeting with the chairman of her department to see if there is anyway she can take Caleb even though she at her 'limit' on immunodeficient kiddos. Needless to say we are very frustrated!!! Very!

On a lighter note, we got a wonderful gift from our friends Amy and Max. They made Caleb a scrapbook with all of Bubber's photos with wonderful sayings and poems. It is absolutely adorable!!! We have already showed it off to all of the docs and nurses. The best part is we talk about Amy and Max often, and a lot of the nurses and docs have seen his card above Caleb's crib or his blog when they stop in our room and we are reading it on the computer and today when the package arrived one of the nurses, Chelsea, came running in and said 'you got a gift from Mighty Max'. Too cute!!! Thanks Amy and Max, we really needed that today...getting pretty tough to just sit and wait. Thanks so much guys...we love you!!!!


ellen said...

well you have to say mr max is mighty famous to bad the nurses cant meet him coz if they did theyd b in danger of giving it to caleb hope u get to duke soon

Crystal and Eva said...

Sorry about the bad news, I will continue to pray for some more good news. Amy is so great at making gifts with photos, she does a wonderful job and I have to make a book off all the wonderful cards we got from her too.
Keep getting stronger Caleb!!
Crystal and Eva

Jen, Andy, and Haleigh said...

I am so sorry for another frustration. We are keeping you all in our prayers and are keeping faith that things will fall into place sooner rather than later. We love you guys!! We miss you so much!!!!!!! Keep up the good fight!! Kisses to Caleb...he is looking so good!!!

Uncle Ben, Aunt Stacy, and Hunter said...

Guys, we are so sorry about the bad news about the delay in getting to Duke. We think about the three of you all the time. When you sent the email with the video from your phone I saved it in my media player. Now everytime I sit down at the computer Hunter comes to me and says, "I wanna see Caleb Daddy." We all miss you very much and we know this is hard but keep your head up and remember it will get better.
Hugs and Kisses from the three of us,
Ben, Stacy, and Hunter