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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Line Infection

Okay so they are pretty sure it is a line infection. A pretty 'sticky' one too that loves to stick to the plastic in the line. So he has had a couple of positive cultures indicating he has had bacteria in the line even when he is undergoing pretty strong IV antibiotics. If one more culture comes up positive, they will have to remove this line, wait until the infection clears and then place another line. While they would wait for the infection to clear they would try to get a peripheral (surface IV) to at least provide him fluids. They would not be able to give him his TPN and Lipids (his nutrition as he is not taking much by mouth right now) though as they require a central line as they are harsher on the veins. This line requires him to go to the Operating Room as it is a line that is somewhat tunneled a good amount under the skin so tissues can grow around it and hold it in easier. This type of line is hoped to be used for many months. So we are hoping he can fight this infection and the cultures stay negative.
Caleb rolled from his tummy to his back yesterday!!!! He is also very close to rolling over onto his tummy. You have to understand he has had many central lines that have prevented him from working on this so he is doing great!!! Also, Caleb has started to push up on his feet while we hold him underneath his armpits and bear weight on his legs!!! Making great progress!!! I will be adding pictures of all of that this weekend when Brian gets here.
His earlobes have been puzzling the docs, they have swelled. We do not think it is a side effect of any of the meds so we are not sure what is causing it. He has not been able to wear his hearing aid for awhile because of the swelling. We are waiting for ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) to come and see him to see what to do about the swelling and the hearing aid. BUT, we have noticed that he can hear somewhat without it, so we are able to communicate with him. I think I am going to go ahead and purchase some sign language tapes anyway. We are not sure if he will need to sign or not, but what a great tool for him to learn!!!
That is all I have for now, as soon as I have more I will definitely post.


ellen said...

wow hope you get it sorted soon

Miss N Cedie said...

Sending you lots of prayers from Memphis, TN.

Jennifer Mock & Family

skeybunny said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and fight that infection!

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan Storrs

Crystal and Eva said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers Caleb, you are one tough little man and great job on the rolling.
Crystal and Eva