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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Guess what Caleb got today?!?!?!?

Caleb got his hearing aid today, shown in the picture!!! He seems to be doing really well with it...not pulling at it or anything. We believe it has helped him hear better, of course, we will know more as he develops. It seems he is turning towards us know when he hears us rather than us moving into his line of sight...so we are all very hopeful!!! His hearing aid is on his right ear and he will get one for his left ear when he is a little bit more mobile.

Also, Caleb has been doing very well in his Bumbo chair as he has been slightly delayed due to being in the hospital so much. Both his Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist were here today and were very happy with Caleb's progress. He is really a tough kiddo!!! He amazes us so much!!!!

Oh and also...Caleb got to wear clothes today!!!! How exciting. We have found out that if he wears outfits that snap or button up the front he can wear them and we can run his broviac line (IV line) out in between the snaps. He is looking pretty snappy if I do say so myself.

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CrystalandEva said...

Its so great when you can put real clothes on them isn't it. I love the hearing aid its so cute to see.
Have a good one,
Crystal and Eva (22 month old CHARGEr)