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Thursday, October 21, 2010

One of those tearful days

So I was going through the mail and received a letter from our wonderful government regarding Caleb's disability payments. The letter indicated that they want to be repaid back all of Caleb's monthly disability payments back to October '08 yes that is right of 2008. So I called the national number and the only explanation the lady could give me there was that we owe the amount specified in the letter, no explanation of why. So then I called our local office and the explanation I got was they just got through all of our information we supplied which makes no sense at all. You supply information every couple months along with pay stubs. BUT NOW TWO YEARS LATER they want everything back. What is wrong with this scenario? It takes them that long to go through everything? Are you kidding me? Nonetheless, I FULL well know that the months that we submitted pay stubs for Caleb should have gotten disability payments based upon the criteria set by our wonderful government. So the lady at the local office was of no help, all I can do is file an appeal while our government wants a lot of money back. I am disgusted. I am disgusted at the fact that we all know and have seen individuals out there that totally abuse the system and get help when they shouldn't and then there is an individual such as Caleb, who was initially told by the SSI 'he wasn't disabled enough' to get disability, who finally was approved for disability but now they want all their money back. Our government is ridiculous. I have been in the past a pretty active participant in supporting our local politicians and government, why? so they can do stuff like this to my son? I will not vote or partake in any elections anymore. They are all corrupt. They worry about themselves and not about how THE SYSTEM is failing people such as my son. I am sorry to have such a bitter post. But why do I continually have to fight with our government to get him disability. It took over a year to get him a state disability medical card. It shouldn't be this hard. Our government is getting worse and worse by the day. How can they do this?!?
Please say a prayer that Caleb get the help he deserves!
God Bless you all!!
God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!


ellen charge said...

sarah you dont want me to comment no you dotn wat me to comment I REPEAT YOU DONT WANT ME TO COMMENT coz ill get mad lol love ya

Sara said...

I had the same issue with SSI lately. They went back to 2006 and wanted money back from a couple of months that they said he shouldn't have been paid because he had too much money in his name for those months. I sent a certified letter two weeks ago proving that they were wrong and haven't heard back from them yet.
My husband worked with Brian's Dad and have been following Caleb's progress since the steak fry we attnded for him.
Good Luck and stay strong!

imthenoni said...


Contact some of those politicians you helped get voted in & let them know what's going on. Maybe they can help.

Crystal M. said...

I dont get them AT ALL!!! Earlier this year we were told they owe us $10,000 for Eva AND THEN we get letters that say we OWE THEM!!! WTH?? It makes no sense I hate the government and I hope this election changes things. I am not happy with our president the most and I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM!!
I also know the state of Illinois is BROKE and we lost therapists and teachers as well because they are not paying what they owe them. I am angry and upset with the whole thing and I can go on and on!!
Hang in there hun!!