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Friday, December 11, 2009

Second H1N1 shot but no second round immunizations

So I took Caleb to go get his second H1N1 shot yesterday. The doctor wanted us to wait another month for his second round of immunizations though. He did great, he is now figuring out that every time I take him there he gets a shot, so he got pretty upset as soon as I took him back, poor guy. But he is also smart enough to know that as soon as I pull his rain cover 'germ shield' down he is safe from anyone touching him and calms down immediately. He is too cute. What a smart boy! It was freezing cold, windchill was below zero when we went, yikes. Of course, I got the typical comments/stares on the elevator when we were in there regarding him being under the shield. One gentleman stared and said, 'well that's interesting' I said 'yea, he was born without the part of the body that makes your immune system so that is how we protect him from germs' he then said 'wow, what are the odds'...I then said 'well he actually has two very rare syndromes, that makes him the sixth case in the world'. He then said 'wow you all should play the lottery.' uh...Yeah...ok

Anyway, Caleb is becoming quite the mimicker lately. He is trying to say words that we say. So that is fun. We especially like that we know that he now recognizes who 'ho ho' is, Santa. I am not sure he totally gets what Santa does, but one step at a time right?!?

Also, I am excited that we will soon be able to see our families again. My mom and dad are planning to come this weekend and the countdown is on for the rest of the family of when it will be safe for them to come and visit. We are so very excited!

I am still frustrated with the isolation precautions. I know it is what we have to do to protect Caleb, but all of us would like to do things outside of this house. I also know that most importantly Caleb would benefit and prosper so much if we could get him out of this house and do different activities. Again I know in time these things will happen. But quite frankly the phrase 'in time' is not specific enough for me anymore.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!

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