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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

An outing leads to some frustration..

So we HAD to get out of the house lastnight. We all are suffering from SEVERE cabin fever. So we hopped in the car and went to cruise through the festival of lights (for those of you not from the area-a local resort has Christmas light displays throughout the park that you drive through and look at) Well...Caleb was shocked when we went outside but got excited when we got in the vroom vroom, his way of saying car. {I am happy he was excited to see the car, as usually the only time we go out is to take him to the doctor.} So off we went the three of us. Well, halfway throughout the lights we spent most of the time talking VERY loud to Caleb as he was trying to go to sleep! It was so so nice to get out of the house. So nice! It is a little bit of tease to go out though as we don't go out.
Well speaking of going out, Caleb will be heading to the doctor on Thursday morning to get his second round of childhood vaccines and to get his second H1N1 shot! I am so happy to hear that the H1N1 virus, for now, seems to be not as widespread. Hopefully it can stay that way. I know the seasonal flu is soon to start spreading, but Caleb has gotten the seasonal flu shot so I am a little less freaked out about that one.
So I have to start to wonder, when can we start leading a normal life? I wonder if anyone will ever give us the 'go-ahead' When can we go to to a department store with Caleb?, when can Caleb go see Santa?, when can we go get professional pictures taken of Caleb?, when can we take Caleb to the grocery store?, when can we stop wiping down all of groceries?, when do we not need to take showers every time we leave the house and come back in?, when do we stop having to worry about the mail as 'dirty'?, when can Caleb go to some therapy groups? When can we have normalcy? I know I don't usually show my frustrations on here, but it has been over three years now and wow three years...Yes I know it is better than living in a hospital room, but when can we start doing some normal things? I have tried not to be somewhat jealous of when others can do things but it is tough. I see pictures of other friends' kids with Santa or getting their professional Christmas portraits taken and it is hard. I would love to take Caleb to a movie or to a parade or to a local Christmas show, but we can't....When can we? I just know that Caleb is missing out on some awesome experiences...I know in time...but when?

Since Caleb can't go see Santa I brought Santa to him...for those of you who have kids try this out. Check out Caleb's video http://portablenorthpole.tv/watch/391301f6b0b943ca023324bf2593dea8. If you want to make a video for you child go http://portablenorthpole.tv/home

Sorry just would like to start having some normalcy...

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!

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