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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shot 1

So I took Caleb to go get his first of two shots for the H1N1 vaccine.

Taking him by myself, without Brian, is very stressful to go alone as I have to keep myself 'clean' so I can interact with and touch Caleb when needed. Therefore, I carried a lot of antibac and viral wipes. He was under his rain cover, to protect him from respiratory droplets and to keep him safe. He doesn't tolerate the pediatric masks at all, I wish he would but the rain cover also prevents him from touching stuff too. I used the viral wipes to open doors and touch elevator buttons. Then, I tried not to rub up against anything so I could stay 'clean'. Then when we got home I gave him a bath and I got a shower after I bathed him. An outing is nice, but is very stressful and a lot of planning goes into it. Thanks everyone at Dr. Archbold's office for opening the doors for me and such once we got up there. You all are awesome!

Caleb can get the second shot in twenty eight days. Ten days after the second shot he will have full coverage...so we have to pray we can continue to keep him healthy. Brian and I also got vaccinated and ours was the normal 'one shot' since we are adults. I am praying that Brian and I can also stay healthy for the next ten days (estimated amount of time for your body to build immunity to this virus) as our bodies build immunity to the virus. If we can do that, then we can have even a better chance of keeping Caleb safe from the H1N1 virus. So we are praying hard. Needless to say, Brian and I are VERY VERY stressed right now regarding this virus and protecting Caleb. We thought we were easing somewhat towards normalcy and then this virus came along and turned everything upside down. We have stopped all visitors from coming by until either Caleb is completely vaccinated OR they are vaccinated and well past the time the immunity should kick in to this virus, whichever comes first. We will continue to do all the other precautions (wiping down groceries or anything else that enters the home, shower when coming back into the home after leaving, etc.) we have been doing to protect Caleb throughout this flu season.

Please Lord watch over all three of us and keep us healthy as our bodies immune systems build immunity to this virus so we can protect Caleb!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!

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Crystal M. said...

Sounds like a hard day!! But I am glad you were able to get it all done.
I got Eva's H1N1 shot today as well, I was not sure if I really wanted to or not. Only because the only way to get it was to stand in long lines, in the cold and with other people who may or may not be sick. It was a stressful thing for us as well.
But her school had a clinic today and I felt much better and took her in, we were in and out. Now I have to hunt down the 2nd one on my own.
I hope you all stay healthy this winter.
Crystal and Eva