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Monday, November 09, 2009


The shots have finally been droppped of at the doctor's office! YES!

Caleb will have to get the vaccine in two seperate shots as per any child of his age. Therefore, he won't have complete antibody/immunity coverage for about two weeks after his second shot, which can be given a month after the first shot. I will be taking him tomorrow to the doctor's to get his shot! I am taking him into the office early, so there won't be any 'sick' kiddos around. So nervewracking...germs....uh...so nervewracking. The other good thing is that Brian and I are also getting shots too, so hopefully we can protect Caleb from anything being brought into the house. Caleb's doctor is awesome, as they are also staying late today so Brian can go in and get his shot tonight as he can't go with us tomorrow as he has started his NEW JOB (he is now the Assistant Manager at the AT&T elm grove store!-CONGRATS BABE). I am so happy that Bri is getting his shot, as he is nervous as he interacts with many people daily, so I am praying also that he can stay healthy while his body build immunity to the H1N1 virus...Please pray that we can all stay healthy and keep this nasty bug away from Caleb as we all build immunity!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!

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gram byrum said...

Thank goodness. Now the three of you will be protected and after the second shot we can see all of you again. This wait is so hard. God bless all of you!!