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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Still Cranky and Another Surgery in the Near Future

Okay all. . .so he is still cranky, not sure why....I HOPE AND PRAY that he is teething. It would be wonderful if that is all it is, but we just aren't sure.

He is still NPO (not eating) to give his gut a rest as his tummy was so upset yesterday and he was vomiting and stooling blood. As far as the blood is concerned, it is good news that his DIC panel (the clotting levels) that was so out of whack last week has begun to get closer to the normal level. Hopefully those levels will continue to trend towards normal. In addition, they are going to try to feed him through his ND tube again tomorrow and see how he does...hopefully no vomiting.

Dr. Markert stopped by today and she said that she agrees Caleb needs a G-tube. So she is going to talk to the insurance company to try to get that approved. In addition to the G-tube, they will do a Nissan wrap. The wrap wraps the top part of the stomach to prevent reflux. There would be no point in doing a G-tube without the Nissan wrap with the amount of reflux Caleb has. Again, there is the concern with intibation and extabation (removal of the tube) on top of the surgery itself so Caleb will spend the night in the PICU for close monitoring.

Dr. Markert also said she believes there are a couple of heart surgeries next week, where Thymuses will be removed so she is hopeful there will be a good one in the bunch. IF so, that would put us at a transplant date in about three weeks. Let's pray there's a good Thymus in the bunch.

We miss you all at home very very very much!!! AND on a side note....Caleb's main man is turning 32 on Saturday- so if you see him wish him a happy b-day and buy him a beer!!! We love you babe, sorry had to let everyone know!!!! HA - HA


chris said...

Happy Birthday Brian!! I know how proud you are of Caleb and Sarah and what troopers your whole family has been - what blessings for all of us to share!!

I pray there is a thymus match soon and that things will continue to progress.

Much love to all of you-
Chris XOXO

Anonymous said...

Sarah -
Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you. I pray that there is a thymus match soon! I know how long you have been fighting for one and how long your journey has been. I will pray oh so hard for these surgeries that are coming up! Just wanted to also let you know that PJ's nissen in conjunction with his g-tube were lifesavers (literally) for PJ. He gained weight and was instantly happier due to his new found comfort level without constant reflux! I pray the same for Caleb!
Love - Jenna

Eva Nichole said...

When you talk to your daddy tell him happy birthday from Eva and me.
I will continue to pray that a thymus comes threw and you can FINALLY get one!!
Big Hugs and lots of love,
Crystal and Eva

Becky said...

Hi Sarah,
Sorry I have not written recently--at home, I've been having computer issues and this post site is not working right, but you guys are always in our thoughts and prayers.
We'll cross our fingers for a Thymus match next week. I'm glad to hear Brian was able to be with you last weekend, too. Thanks for the updates--GOD BLESS CALEB AND YOUR FAMLY!!
Love and prayers,
Becky and Bobby D.

Jen Straub said...

We will continue to pray that the perfect Thymus is found quickly and that the insurance companies don't get in the way of Caleb's needs. I believe in Dr. Markert though from all you have said, so no worries there!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRIAN!! We will owe you one!!
God Bless you all. We hope Caleb is feeling better soon!! God Bless you all and Kisses to Bubber!! We love you and miss you!!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh