Ephesians 3:20 "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Levels are Better

So Caleb's levels are better. We are hoping they will stay that way. He got more blood today, so that will help his hemoglobin level. I just really pray that they can get a GREAT Thymus this week!!

So . . . I have to admit I have been a bit emotional lately. It is so hard to see your child go through all of this. It is also hard to be away from home and to be away from Brian. By no means do I want to go home until Caleb is healthy, but I am homesick. I miss my husband, dog, dad, brothers and their families, friends, and the 'sense and feeling' of being home. I know it will come soon. I pray for the day Caleb, Brian, and I will walk in the back door and I know in the back of my mind that Caleb's T-cells are starting to function. That he can sleep in his own room that he has barely spent any time in. That we can all wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and have a 'normal' day of hanging out in the house. Just the thought of all that makes me tear up.

I appreciate everyone's continual support and prayers for our family. Thank you all so much. God Bless you all.

God Bless Caleb!!


chris said...

Dear Sarah-
You have every reason to be emotional so let it happen. You have been so strong and vigilant in this battle for your son's health...and you will feel strong again. We are all so awed by your handling of this situation and only wish there was more within our power to improve it quickly. We will, instead, rely on our prayers to a greater power and send you our strength in any way we can.

Much love to each of you-
Chris XOXO

CorrieYoung said...

Oh Sarah,

I'm tearing up right along with you. I'm so sorry, but I promise you we are praying so hard for a Thymus for sweet Caleb.

So glad to hear things look a bit better.

Sending you all hugs and love from MO...


Jen Straub said...

Sarah Wilson, you never, NEVER, have to explain to any of us the difficulties you are having. I too so look forward to the day you can enjoy your family, and personally, I see the day when we are all out back on your beautiful deck watching Caleb and Haleigh play and drinking a nice, cold beer while Brian whips up some of that AMAZING shrimp!! That is what I see and I know it will happen in time.

I wish Caleb didn't have to go through this and I wish you didn't have to either, but you continue to amaze me, both of you!! Your strength, determination, and love are that like no other (both of you). You are an amazing mother and wife and Caleb and Brian are both so lucky. My greatest gift is to be able to bear witness to all of you and to find inspiration in you. You are pushing all of us to be the best people we can be, the best mothers and wives, just as you are.

God Bless you all! Kisses to Bubber. Keep up the good fight and in no time we will all be welcoming you back to wild, wonderful West Virginia!! We love you so much and we are glad Caleb is feeling a little better today.

Feel our hugs and kisses!!!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh

Anonymous said...


I didn't read this post until this morning (Monday)...but last night I had a dream that Jen & I came to see you and we all sat on a hillside (are there hills in Durham? I have no idea, you know how dreams are!) and we joked and laughed and reminisced about all the dumb things we've done together, and a lot of the ones that you and Jen did in Mo-town when I was still a youngin' back at Park! I woke up and my pillow was damp from tears.

I second Jen's comments...and I can't wait to come sit on your deck and drink a beer and just "be".

I love you all...

God Bless & Lotsa Love,

Eva Nichole said...

I am also crying for you, I know its hard to be in the hospital and seeing your child so sick. I cried ALOT when I was in the hospital with Eva I felt alone so many times.
We are praying for you and I know many people are!!

Crystal and Eva

Pappy Bernie said...

I can only imagine the stress of over twelve months of lifting Caleb over new medical hurdles. And yet, I know there is no other place you want to be other than lifting Caleb lovingly over his hurdles. The three of you are a wonderful family although you are separated now. I promise sometime a few years from now when I have a chance to have one-on-one time with Caleb I will let him know how blessed he is to have such loving parents.

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear, dear Sarah,
You have every right to have weak moments and emotional days. It's God's way of allowing you to release some of the frustration, worry, fear and everything else you are feeling. You are and will continue to be strong and fight for your child and husband as only a mother can. Our hearts, love and prayers are with you, Brian and especially Bubber every minute of every day.
Robbie, Drew & O

Becky said...

Dear Sarah,
Even though I know it seems your life will never be normal, I know with your strength and everyone's prayers, the day will come sooner than you think, and your family will be together once again. I can't even imagine what you are going through. But please believe, you have so much love and prayers behind you. My mother has always told me that without the hard times, we would never appreciate the good. You have no idea how you have taught me in the last months--just seeing you in the videos and talking with Brian, I can only hope I am half the mother and wife to my family that you are to yours. I know sometimes you don't think you are strong, but you are incredible!!!
As always, all our love and prayers for you guys!
Becky and Bobby D.

chris said...

Hey there Sarah - just wanted to say "Hi!" and let you know I'm thinking about all of you and praying for all things good.

Much love-
Chris XOXO

Anonymous said...

Love you guys and I'm praying extra hard these days!!!!

Eva Nichole said...

I hope everything is going well I have been thinking about you all alot!!
Crystal and Eva

CorrieYoung said...

Just wanted to let you all know that we're still praying hard for a Thymus for Mr Caleb. Hope he is doing well and that you're all hanging in there.

Love from MO,

mighty max and mommy amy said...

We are worried about you...we keep checking every day. Hoping no news is good news?

Love and prayers...Amy and Max

Jen Straub said...

We just want you to know that we are praying for you and hoping these next days go well.

To all who read the comments, Sarah has been really busy moving rooms and dealing with a very bad computer connection, but keep saying your prayers and hopefully very soon we will be one step closer to getting Caleb healthy with a fully functioning immune system!! I know she will update as soon as she can!

God Bless Caleb. All our love and lots and lots of hugs and kisses!!

Aunt Jen

Anonymous said...

just checking in sorry i haven't wrote but plaese know caleb and you are in my everyday thoughts and prayers i hope he is doing well you both are so strong for each other and i know god will continue to bless caleb and give him strengh everyday stay strong sarah we are all praying for you always
god bless caleb
love alana

Amélie Chan said...

thoughts and prayers to you all, hoping for positive news soon.

love the chan Family x

princette said...

Hey Sarah and Linda
I have been keeping up with Caleb thru Donna and Jessica and I cant even describe to you how my heart aches for your family and how deep my thoughts and prayers go. You are truly an inspiration..
Lane was back at Duke today for a routine checkup and I am anxiously awaiting to hear the results of that visit.. my personal email is prince.nc@gmail.com if ya need it..
keep in touch..
many Hugs for you ..
Love Tammy and family