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Friday, May 14, 2010

Try to Moderate

Well all, as I said, the limit on invites was a 100 and the requests went well over that. So I am NOT going to not invite people due to the limited space as you all and your support helped our family through such difficult times. I will never be able to thank all of you enough for that. So I am gonna to try, for now, to block anyone trying to make anonymous or inappropriate posts. Maybe that will control it for now! Thanks for the suggestions!

As far as Caleb's cold, he didn't wake up this morning, coughing like he was barking like a dog so that was great. He still woke up coughing, but the cough didn't sound as nasty! Hopefully the meds and his immune system are already working! I am so proud of him as he has made another small achievement. Caleb would always fight me when it was time for nebulizer treatments and the last two treatments he has sat calmly and put the nebulizer in his mouth and breathed the medicine in. So proud of him!

His g-tube hole has looked the same the last couple days. I am hoping it isn't done trying to close and will get smaller. We shall see. We took the g-tube out on March 30th, I was really hoping that it would be closed by now. I don't mind changing the bandage, to prevent the leaking, several times a day. But, I really don't want him to have that surgery. We are going to the beach soon, and I am gonna have to cover it when we go down on the beach so sand doesn't get in it. I am thinking about doing the same thing that I used to do with his g-tube and IV and put that Press -N-Seal on it, but I am not sure if when draining if it will stick. I think I may have to go bug some people at the local hospital for some Tegaderms (what you put on IV's) so we can use that when around the sand. Gotta get a plan together for that as far as that is concerned.

So as I mentioned, we are going to the beach again. This will be Caleb's last beach trip as an only child! So crazy to think of it that way. Anyway, we are driving as we did last year. But this year I will have less medical stuff, a lot less, to pack. So hopefully we can all fit more comfortably into the car this year. I had to start packing a couple weeks in advance of our beach trip last year to account for all the medical stuff. This year I did not have to start packing so early.

Talking: Caleb continues to mimic well. But when in public or around others he either doesn't talk at all or says few words. So I am hoping that the more we get him out in public the more he will open up and start talking and becoming more verbal for others.

Caleb has just started walking short distances again, as he took a break when he wasn't feeling too well. However, he has not wanted to go near the steps since the day I took that video from a couple posts back. I am hoping he will try again, and is not regressing as he has done in the past with walking.

We also had to take a break from therapy this week, as this is actually the first day that I think Caleb seems better. So next week he will return to therapy and they will get a week off for vacation.

Well all, I must start getting some stuff together for the beach! So exciting. Check back for updates!

Thanks again for checking in on our lil' man!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!

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