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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another Milestone

So, we have hit another milestone.

Because Caleb's IgG levels were in the normal range, we were given the O.K. by Dr. Markert for Caleb to start getting his vaccines. However, NO live vaccines, Chicken Pox and Hep A, can be given.

We were so excited that we hit this stage in his Immune System Development! So Tuesday we took Caleb to his Pediatricians office to get his first round of shots. He got his DT&P, PCV, HepB, Hib, Polio, and his flu shot. I felt bad for the nurse as she was so upset she had to give him four shots! He did great! Of course he was upset, but he was such a big boy. We were very excited to get him there to get his shots, but, at the same time were very nervous to take him out in public as we have heard of some possible H1N1 cases in the area. That vaccine isn't coming until mid October to early November. I wish we could get our hands on that vaccine ASAP. But we are trying to be patient. None of us can get the nasal form of the vaccine as it contains some of the live form of the virus in the vaccine. So we nervously wait for that vaccine to get to us so we can get Caleb and ourselves that shot so we can protect Caleb. So scary!

As far as his development.

  • I love that I get to say this...but he eats sooooo much. I love saying that! He eats all three meals and snacks! We have dropped another feeding tube bolus out of his schedule as we are hoping that what he takes by mouth replaces the calories that he would have gotten by that bolus. We are still working on drinking. He seems to be a little more receptive to the sippy cup being placed in his mouth. So I hope that will come along like his eating did. It was so great this morning I went into his room to get him ready for the day and the first thing he did was sign 'eat'. He does that when he gets hungry during the day too! So awesome!

  • Walking: well....not much going on here. He absolutely hates that walker that we got awhile ago. I was looking into the possibility of getting him a gate trainer walker. But his PT is not for the idea. I just do not know what to do regarding the walking. He can 'opt' out of the other walker by sitting and he doesn't want to hold your hands and walk either. The gate trainer style walker kind've braces them in so he can't opt out. I also think this would help him work on his balance. These walkers start around $1,000, so we are looking into other therapy ideas...open to any suggestions...

  • I have been trying to get Caleb to draw and color for months! Every couple days I would take out the crayons and draw and then see if he would draw or color and no go. This routine went on for MONTHS! Then low and behold, last week he started to color! I wanted to scream! He loves crayons and his aquadoodle now. A couple days ago, he spent the whole day coloring! He is now at the point where he draws something and then signs to me what it is. Love it!

  • He is pretty good with his colors. For example, if I ask him by signing 'where is the red lego?' He finds it and we do that for all his colors. We are working on counting and shapes. I am trying to find different ways daily to teach him these concepts.

Well that will do it for now! Have a great day!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Crystal M. said...

Great Job Caleb!! I am so glad things are going so well and he is doing so great with his milestone.
Crystal and Eva

Jenny said...

awesome updates! those are what i like to see! and i enjoyed getting to see him in action from afar! he is so dang handsome! hope to get to introduce him to keira real soon!!!

love jenny

gram byrum said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Caleb is amazing. He is a fighter and an inspiration. His parents are pretty neat too.
Love you guys,