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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Walker and Signs

So Caleb got his walker on Wednesday. His physical therapist was unable to come, because his daughter is sick. Due to the isolation precautions Caleb is on, Brian's and my parents, the therapists, or nurses cannot visit if they or any of their family members are sick. So I have been just putting the walker in Caleb's area, like we do for other 'new' items to help him adjust. He still doesn't like it, at all! But I am hoping that will change! I have a feeling he would do really great with it, but I have to get him to accept it first. So we will keep on working on it. The pictures that were taken of him with the walker were just before a crying

Caleb has been doing GREAT with his sign language. He has picked up so many signs that I have shown him in the last two days it is amazing. In the last two days he has picked up: lion, dad, again, and elephant. This is really good progress for him as he used to pick up one or two signs maybe every two weeks. We are really hoping he continues to pick up signs this quick. He also seems to be understanding verbal directions a little better. Lastnight, before bedtime, Brian and I were playing with Caleb and asked him to get the ball across the room. When we ask him things like this we verbalize the direction and sign the key words for him in the direction. He crawled across the room and rolled the ball back to us! It was really neat. Of course, we have hit the terrible two's and that along with the breakdown in communication due to the delays can make things difficult. But I try to teach him signs daily that would incorporate into his daily routine to help him communicate what he wants.

I just wanted to give a quick update as I know many of you were aware that he got his walker and I wanted to let everyone know where we were with that.

Thanks again for checking in on Caleb!

God Bless you all!

God Bless Caleb!!


Eva Nichole said...

Oh Caleb!! The walker is awesome do not be afraid of it. Great job on the sign also. Keep up the great work.
Crystal and Eva

gram byrum said...

Caleb will adjust to the walker just like he has adjusted to everything. He is truly an incredible little boy. God bless Caleb and his mom and dad too.

The Claytons said...

Caleb will get use to the walker in no time! As soon as he realizes that he can get places in an upright position he will be everywhere! Way to go with the signing - keep up the great work Caleb (you too mom & dad). Hope you have a great week :O)


Lisa W. said...

Oh my goodness, it has been a while since I've been to Caleb's blog, he is getting so big. I remember the walker days, Kennedy wouldn't even touch one of those kind of walkers, she had the pony walker, where you're almost sitting. It looks like he is picking up on this one quickly though from the looks of the pictures, I hope he comes to love his walker and is zooming all around before you know it!

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Caleb looks mighty handsome standing in his walker like a big boy! I'm sure in time, the walker will be his favorite thing... once he realizes the independance it gives him (we are telling ourselves that for Ben's walker too).