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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Life Flight

So on Monday afternoon Caleb was getting a bath and was in a great mood at the beginning of the bath, giggling and playing. By the end of his bath, 10 minutes later, he started to get very fussy. The nurse and I got him dressed and he still was pretty upset. Our sweet dog, Saba, was right by his side the whole time he was fussing. So by the time we got him downstairs, he started to get very lethargic and turned a shade of gray. I then asked the nurse if she could take his temp before she left. Unfortunately, he was running a temperature of 103.2 and his status continued to worsen, he got very 'floppy' and unresponsive. We called his doctor, Dr Susan Frangiskakis, and she told us to go immediately to the local ER so they could get him stable for transport. He was there long enough to get some blood work drawn, start fluids, and antibiotics. It was then decided that due to his vitals, unbelievable high heart rate, low Oxygen levels, and deteriorating neurological status that he needed to be transported by helicopter. Thankfully, Children's transport got their and were awesome as always! They got him on the helicopter and he was doing pretty well. We found out there were no PICU beds available so once we landed he went to the ER. From their he went under an evaluation and they believed his central line was infected, therefore causing sepsis (bloodstream infection). He was stable enough to go to a regular floor under close monitoring. Sure enough the line cultures came back positive for a nasty bug that says makes kids feel pretty sick, one of the worst bugs. So he slept for a couple days and the second day he was here they took him to surgery to remove the central line. Today was his best day as far as his personality but we still are having some issues. He is not keeping his Oxygen saturations up and we are not sure why. He is also bradying (dropping his heart rate) but this is not a concern as long as he is perfusing well (his extremities are warm). They did a chest xray to see what is causing the low O2 levels and there is a questionable spot that we are watching. They will be watching him tonight and based upon what his levels do the docs will order certain tests. He is schedule to get another line, not as permanent as the broviac yet not as temporary as a peripheral so if he can get discharged I can administer his IV antibiotics at home. So that is where we are for now...I have probably left some things out and have probably made some typos. I am sorry I am trying to do a very quick update here at the hospital.
Thank you for all the prayers!
God Bless Caleb!!


Jess Tuschong said...

Wow, Sarah - that sounds so scary...I can't even imagine.

I'm glad he was at least showing off his personality yesterday, I am hopeful that the spot on the lung X-ray is nothing and that the docs can get this straightened out today so you can take him home tomorrow or Tuesday.

I love you and am praying as always...

Eva Nichole said...

I got the email updates and posted on Eva's blog for other CHARGE families to know what was going on. I am glad to be on the list of people who get emails about Caleb and I have had many people asking me if he was ok, he is in our thoughts and prayers as always.
Crystal and Eva

skeybunny said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. I am so glad that Caleb was transferred as quickly as he was. It's amazing how fast he deteriorated.

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan