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Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Media Coverage and Another Video

Hello all...Well I know some of you who know are anxiously awaiting the details regarding the specifics of Brian's and my meeting today with a local news reporter here in the Valley. It went great! We met with Stacy Rich from Channel 7. She was so nice and made us both feel very comfortable, thanks Stacy! Unfortunately, she did let us know that she thinks she will only be allotted approximately 3 minutes for the piece even though she asked for more. Not a whole bunch of time, but yet enough to get his story out there and known to those who don't know him and for us to be able to thank wonderful people like you all for being such a wonderful support system for our family. She did say that she thinks it will air on Christmas Day and will be available online. She is going to let me know when she finds out the definite air time and date, and I will definitely let you all know and will see if I can post the link the day it airs on here for those of you who are not in Wheeling so you can see! Who knows maybe when this story airs, there will be others who will want to do stories also. Thanks again Stacy, it was so nice to meet you!

Other updates:

Caleb's line looks less red! We are hoping and praying that it continues to improve and thank you all for your prayers and thoughts you have been sending our way! We are so appreciative.

Caleb continues to pull up to stand as shown in the previous post's video and he is getting quick at it too!

He also, ready for this, has been putting teethers in his mouth AND biting on them, which is a big step as far as sensory input.

He has also began to pretend spit. I know how many parents are happy that their child is spitting...but this is such a big step as you have to push your tongue against your cheeks and lips to do this, so I will let him spit all he wants! We are still working with feeding and drinking . He continues to tolerate cups and plates better in his area which is amazing.

Caleb received his pseudo immune system infusion (IVIG) last Tuesday. We are tentatively planning to start his SUB-Q infusions, as discussed in an earlier post, this week. I have been trained on how to do this too so I will let you know how it goes. He will then get one infusion a week! This method has its pros and cons. IVIG is a very strong drug and when infused even in a central line (IV) adverse reactions (elevated temperature, respiration / breathing issues, severe rashes, etc) can occure. Therefore, one of the bad things about SUB_Q infusions is that since he will be getting it in his fatty tissue rather than in his central line(IV) these reactions can be more intense especially in regards to rashes on the skin. So that is definitely one thing we will have to watch and see how he tolerates it! The very big pro about SUB-Q infusions is that because it is given on a much more frequent interval, as comparted to the central line infusion, his levels will not be allowed to 'bottom-out' and should stay at a higher level; which in theory will hopefully provide him better protection.

I drew blood for his 3 round of Immune Test last Tuesday! It has not been a week and I already have become impatient and am wishing that by some miracle the results would come back a lot sooner (as the results usually take 4 weeks) yielding good news! We are praying that (as one of Caleb's doctors said) the third time is the charm! Come on T-cells!

As promised a video of little man! Again, sorry it was a quick video grab with my cell phone so the quality is not the best!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


Aunt Jen said...

Love the new look and the GREAT NEWS!!! Can't wait to see you guys! Way to go Caleb Warriors!!! You gus are the best parents he could ever have hoped for!! God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!! Kisses to your beautiful boy!!! Love you all!!!
Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy, and Haleigh Rose

Anonymous said...

Aaawww...he's got some pretty good dance moves Sarah...watch out! :) It's awesome to see him that excited and yes, so proud of himself!!! We're all praying for good test results and for T-Cells!!!!

Love you all!!


Anonymous said...

by the way...i love the christmas layout! :)

Anonymous said...

GaGa and Pap are so happy that you like the little house. We are so grateful to see you enjoy everything so much--but Caleb more than anyone knows how precious everything in his environment is. God Bless you my little prince.