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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Third Dose of ATG

First off, I have to appologize for the delay in updates. I have to admit I was a little more emotionally distraught after the cancellation of the transplant two weeks ago than I let on in my last post. BUT. . . Caleb has been in the ICU for the past couple days getting ATG (the medicine infusion they give before transplant). He is getting his last infusion tonight and we have a potential transplant date on WEDNESDAY!!! So PLEASE say TONS of prayers. I will post more with pics later, but we are very tired and just got back to the hotel and will have a couple long days in front of us.

Again, thank you all of you for your phone calls, cards, emails, prayers, etc. You all are a wonderful support system for our family. Again, I appologize for the delay in updates. But hopefully things will continue to 'stay the course'.

God bless you all.

God Bless Caleb!!


ellen charge said...


chris said...

Love and prayers coming your way!!

Chris XOXO

Jess Tuschong said...

You have no reason to apologize! I love you all so much...


Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

What amazing news! We will start on the prayers right away.

Eva Nichole said...

Many prayers and thoughts comeing your way!!
Crystal and Eva

CorrieYoung said...

We are so thrilled to hear the news! We, of course, will step up the prayers.

Go Caleb Go!!!!!


Jen Straub said...

You've got all we've got to give!! We love you so much!! God Bless and TONS of prayers!

Aunt Jen

Anonymous said...

Good Luck and we are praying extra hard for all of you, especially Caleb!!!
Love Jenny, Darin and Keira

Hannahs said...

The doctors, nurses and especially YOU all will be lifted up in prayer. We love you and GOD BLESS CALEB!!
Hannah, Shane, and Ben

Jessica Rice said...

Good luck little man. I am praying extra hard for all to go well.