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Friday, August 12, 2011


Okay sorry for the delay. Two kiddos keeps you very busy! So I apologize. I would like to make a note for those of you that don't know. Caleb does have a facebook page, where I post quick updates very often. If you want to follow that way, do a search for 'Caleb Hlebiczki is a Fighter'.

So on to the updates.

The beach trip went well. Caleb unfortunately waited until the last day to try the beach out. We sat right at the water's edge and he loved it. He played in the sand, saw fish, and even enjoyed some of the tiny waves (since we were so far out). We had a great time. The weather was a lot better this year and that was a definite bonus also.

Miracle League was fantastic! When we showed up they told us Caybay was going to be second at bat. BUT to all of our surprise he was first. He didn't want to wear the helmet at all. But with Brian's help, as Bri was his buddy, Caleb batted and was the first to score. I loved the game. It was so great to see these kids have this opportunity. They are still trying to raise money for the local Miracle League Field, and are getting there. I just heard today that someone donated the concession stand for the field. People are amazing.

Pics of the beach trip and some videos are coming soon. I have the pics uploaded just have to figure out how to convert the video.

Caleb also just celebrated his 5th birthday. Yes my baby is FIVE. Unfortunately, right around his birthday we noticed Caleb acting very very tired. He actually slept through his bday party, definitely not typical Caleb behavior. He did end up having a bug that he shared with his sister, but while doing some bloodwork they did realize they think he may have thyroid disease. So this is probably the cause of him being a bit more tired than normal. Thirty percent of the kiddos who received the same transplant Caleb had did get Thyroid Disease. We see the endocrinologists on the 29th to see what is needed as far as meds.

He is doing great with his glasses. He is a pro at taking them off and putting them on. Who would have thought?!?!

Well I am going to try to figure out how to get the bday video and miracle league videos uploaded to the computer. So check back soon!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb and Camryn!!

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