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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Boy Room and More Changes

So Caleb finally got all his big boy furniture in his room! I couldn't believe when I walked in how grown up his room looked, no evidence of a baby anymore :( But it is good that he is growing and is in a big boy room
First night sleeping in his big boy bed.

He loves waking up in the morning and seeing himself in this mirror from his bed.

One fixture that we are so glad that is not in the room anymore is his IV pole. I can't believe at one time we had three pumps (two for his IV and one for his feeding tube) on the IV all the time and that he was at one time constantly hooked up to those pumps! So his newest accomplishment is that he has been drinking and eating enough by mouth that he is sustaining his weight so he doesn't need supplemented by the feeding tube at night anymore.
In relation to the feeding tube, he has also been taking his meds by mouth. He still resists when he sees me coming with the syringes at med time, but he is doing well. So since Caleb is taking his meds and eating and drinking well we decided to...
now ya see it

now ya don't

After we got done taking the g-tube out and putting the bandaid on Caleb seemed happy...

Sometimes, these holes, left by the g-tube will heal on their own, within a couple hours, other times, they don't. It has been a day now since we took it out and Caleb's is still leaking a lot, requiring many dressing and shirt changes. With how long Caleb has had his, and with how the stomach lining started to come out of the hole (sorry too much info) we are worried it may not heal on its own. If not, it will require to be stitched in surgery. Please pray this heals on its own and that he doesn't need surgery to close it up! Way to go Caleb on another HUGE hurdle!

Also, Caleb's hernia surgery is schedule for April 7th. The craniofacial team does not want to group the nose repair with this surgery as they feel it would be too much at once. So, as long as the surgery goes well and he extabates okay it should be a same-day surgery. We did ask if they would just go ahead and close the hole left from the g-tube while they are in there, and they said they would rather wait a couple weeks. I am a little upset with their response as if he is in there, why not do it while he is under rather than doing another surgery and exposing him to more General anesthesia. We are also planning a little vacation in a couple weeks, and it would be really nice if that g-tube site was closed up. So please pray for a smooth surgery and that the g-tube site heals quickly and on its own!

Also, we are meeting with new therapists tomorrow for Caleb's evaluation. This is the therapy I talked about a couple posts back that will be an out-patient clinic therapy that he will have to go to the site and do his therapy. They have tons of equipment that we hope will help Caleb with his delays!

Way to go Caleb for all your continued achievements!

Thanks all for checking in!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


The Claytons said...

Bye Bye Gbutton!!!! That is so great. I will definitely keep him in my prayers that it closes on its own and that he behaves himself to come home on the same day of the hernia repair. Such a big boy in that big boy bed/ bedroom :O) Hope ya'll have a wonderful vacation too!

Anonymous said...

OMG! No more g-tube! That is amazing! I love the new bed! Will be praying for his surgery! Hope you are feeling well...Miss you!

Crystal M. said...

Wow what a big boy now!!
I remember when Eva's tube came out, it came out on its own and it healed before we even noticed it came out.
Good luck!!!