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Friday, January 01, 2010

We had a great Christmas and New Year

So what is the meaning of Christmas...not the amount of present under the tree and how much money you spent...it is that your family and loved ones are around you. We were blessed to spend our second year in row AT HOME as a family for Christmas and New Year's. What a great day. Caleb didn't open his gifts as he wasn't sure about it but he was very intent when I or Brian unwrapped his presents. Thank you to all the Santas that sent Caleb gifts too. You all are too too kind, thank you so much! I have included some pics of a snowstorm that came a couple days before Christmas, Caleb opening his gifts, and Caleb looking/playing with the Steeler tree we got from my parents.

Unfortunately, a couple days after Christmas Caleb got very congested and we were not concerned as long as it didn't seem to bother him or get any worse. I, about two days after Caleb started getting congested, ran a fever and got very congested also. Well, this morning he woke up coughing or should I say barking like a dog or a seal. I walked into his room and he was sitting up in bed crying and coughing and trying to catch his breathe. Brian and I noticed his congestion had started moving lastnight and we were worried that maybe his congestion had moved to his chest. Our pediatrician is out of the office for the holiday so we decided to take him to MedExpress as we love all the docs there. They were great. We were so excited when we walked in and saw Dr. Burkland! He is not only an awesome doctor but a family friend! He said that both Caleb's and my symptoms are due to a nasty bug circulating around that is very similar to the flu. He listened to Caleb's lungs and said they sounded clear! Thank goodness. So they gave his a strong steroid via his g-tube that will hopefully help him with his cough and will help him get rid of his cold. I will post soon with updates on his cold.

Also, on a side note, some anonymous person is leaving unwanted comments on this blog. I now will get notifications when someone leaves a comment then if it is not that person I will post. So please don't be alarmed if you don't see your comment right away and PLEASE continue to leave you comments.

Thanks for checking in!!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


The Claytons said...

Happy New Year! I hope as I am writing this that Caleb is feeling much better!

God Bless Ya'll


p.s. I am sorry to hear that you are having to monitor your posts now.

Eduardo said...

Great slideshow! Happy to hear about such good progress. Happiness and lots of love to you all in this new year.

Christianne Sabol Eyler said...

Caleb is such a beautiful little boy. I grew up with Brian and his family and hear tidbits of info from my mom sometimes regarding his progress. I googled Hlebiczki and was surprised to see your blog at the top of the list. You are an amazing mother and I admire the strength that you all have. God bless you all.