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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Come on Immune System....WORK PLEASE

Okay well today the fourth set of blood work was taken to test Caleb's immune system.

This round of bloodwork was taken in a little different manner than in the past. In the past, Caleb had a central line (a IV line that is more permanent than the general IV you would get for a short admission in the hospital) and I would draw the blood and then my dad would drive to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh where it then would be shipped off to Duke. Well, as you all remember Caleb's central line was removed awhile ago so we had to make plans this time for Caleb to get his blood drawn and to make it even more 'new' for us we were going to try to get it drawn at our local hospital where they are not familiar with our little 'bubble boy' Caleb. This was very nerve-wracking for me for many reasons this morning. One, I know Caleb has pretty much no veins left for them to draw from as all his veins have been damaged from all the IV's and sticks he has endured through his lengthy hospital stays and two, that this hospital is not familiar with our immuno-suppressed little man and I am not sure how they were going to be regarding the isolation precautions and accommodating to our special situation. I am happy to report that both my apprehensions were put at ease. From the point of registration to the time we left, the personnel were fantastic and accommodating to our needs. Of course, we were starred at by other patrons because Caleb is kept under a rain cover in his stroller to protect him. He doesn't tolerate wearing a mask anymore, he actually rips it off. But once again, the staff was superb. My dad went with me, as Brian had to work, and he was the 'dirty/contaminated' person, so he handled all the paperwork and signing of papers so I can hold Caleb and tend to his needs. After we registered, Dad went and asked if we could wait outside until they were ready to take Caleb's blood. They were fantastic, they came and got us and took us directly back into a room when they were ready. The techs were amazing. They got blood from Caleb on the first stick and wore all the proper gear (masks, gowns, and gloves). If anyone reads this who knows anyone at Wheeling Hospital, please spread the word on how much I appreciate how fantastic they were to Caleb and accommodating to his situation.
So my dad is on his way to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to drop of the blood were it will then be packaged and shipped to Duke. Thanks Dad for all your help today, you were a HUGE help. I love you!
We are praying really really really hard that the bloodwork shows his T-cells are functioning and his immune system is functioning at a level at which maybe we could do some 'normal' activities with Caleb and have some confidence in his ability to fight off bugs and viruses! Now the waiting game begins....one long month of waiting...come on immune system please work!

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!


ellen charge said...

i assume u would of bone to pathology department i find all pathology departments to be the best at getting sticks my pathology ladys get me first go and if theres a new one u should see them run for one that knows me help cant find her veins lol

Eva Nichole said...

I am glad it all went well, praying for a working ammune system!!
Crystal and Eva

The Claytons said...

The Clayton Family is praying for your family that the immune system is working :O)


Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Come on Immune System is right!! We are sending prayers for good results. A month waiting is SO long... hang in there.