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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Liver seems to be producing Protein

So the liver seems to be producing protein...so where is he losing the protein is the question.

Well . . . I did not get to post about something they found before we left Duke. About two weeks before we left Duke they found a questionable mass in Caleb's chest. They tested for different types of Cancer and do not believe it is a cancerous type of mass. They are wondering if it is a lymph fluid build up. Possibly due to a lymph vessel getting nicked during one of his surgeries and leaking out into his body. So. . . when we left Duke they suggested we keep an eye on this mass to see what happens. Well now that he is losing protein, Dr. Markert is wondering if he is dumping the protein into his mass. Dr. Markert suggested that they do another x-ray to see what his mass looks like. I haven't heard back from any of the docs at Pittsburgh yet so. . . we will see. His Albumin gets checked again on Monday so we will so how that level is. I hope and pray that it stabilizes and starts going back up.

God Bless you all!!

God Bless Caleb!!

P.S. I will be adding pictures to this post hopefully later on today.


Jen Straub said...

Thank goodness for Dr. Markert!! Hopefully you will be able to figure this out and relax a bit. We will conitnue to pray his levels get back to where they should be!!! We miss you so much!!! I can't wait to see you again and Haleigh is excited too!! We miss you and love you and we are SOOOOOOOOOO PROUD of all of you!!!!! God Bless you all!! Kisses to Caleb!

Aunt Jen

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that the liver seems ok!!! Dr. Markert will figure it out...thank God for her caring about Caleb so much!!!!!!!

Love you all soooo much...

Jess :)

Mighty Max! said...

Thanks for the update...we are all thinking about you and Caleb. Can't wait to see new photos of the big guy.

Chris said...

I'll be anxious to hear the updated results. You are so fortunate to have such quality docs working with you!!

Love to all-
Chris XOXO

Eva Nichole said...

I am glad to hear they might have an answer and I hope you continue to find answers. I will keep Caleb in my thoughts and prayers as I always do.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that you have no idea of how many people out here that the three of you have affected!!! I check Caleb's blog every day and I smile when there is good news and cry when there is bad. I draw strength from you all and am inspired by your faith and endurance. I pray for your family and for Caleb's continued healing. God bless you and all that you have been through. Keep up the great work and please keep posting!! Give Caleb an extra kiss on those beautiful cheeks tonight. My love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hlebiczki's...just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you...I love you guys!

I'm so jealous that Jenny was able to see Caleb (through the glass door of course) on Saturday! I hear he has a head full of hair and is quite handsome! :) I also heard that Haleigh was flirting with him and blowing him lots of kisses! :)

Can't wait to see some pics when you have time...

God Bless & Lotsa Love,
Jess :)

Anonymous said...

If anybody out there who reads these comments is on Facebook...check out the group my sis and I are maintaining..."Caleb Hlebiczki is a fighter". Feel free to join!!!

Sarah, Brian & Caleb, I hope you had a good day today.

God Bless & Lotsa Love!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Brian and Sweet Caleb,
Your continued strength and faith inspire us. Give Bubber lots of kisses and hugs for us. We love you all very much. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
God Bless Caleb!!!!!!
Robbie, Drew & O

Chris said...

Hey there-
Just wanted to say "Hi!" and let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope things are going relatively smoothly!

Much love-

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Hlebiczki's!!!!

God Bless & Lotsa Lotsa Love,
Jess :)

Anonymous said...

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